Full Legalization: Postpone- Should It Happen, Or Not?

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Full Legalization: Postpone- Should It Happen, Or Not?

Finally, the tug of war that was going on about Marijuana legalization has come to an end. Now it is time for another tug of war of war, about the legalization dates.

So, what’s the problem now?
Today, the premiers announced that they would be asking the federal government to postpone the legalization date. And, the reason for this? It is that they believe the time that is available currently is not enough to educate the public and distributors about the usage, road safety, taxation and other issues.

At the annual Summer Council of the Federation meeting that was held in Edmonton, it is announced by the premiers that they have formed a group, which will be working on the above-mentioned issues and will be reporting back on the same by November 1st. And, if this time frame is not sufficient enough to study those issues, an extension will be sought, said the premier team.

What is bothering the premiers-
Concerns about the supply and demand of Marijuana.
Cannabis Black Market Issues
Motor Vehicle Driving concerns

All these may sound genuine if you are just glancing. But, when you look into these aspects in depth. You are sure to know, that these are baseless concerns, unless you have been living in a Prairie Dog burrow on the edge of a genetically modified wheat field on the prairies for the last ten years and have only recently come up for some more(less?) sulphurous air, then maybe you wouldn’t ?

First of all, when you wonder about the cause for the “Cannabis Black Market,” you will see that the prime cause for the this, is that medical marijuana has only recently been available legally, in Canada and other municipalities and even unjust laws have never deterred demand and only marginally affected its availability.

And, when it comes to driving on Marijuana, many studies have shown that drivers who are on Marijuana, are not risk-takers and tend to drive slowly. Every study has shown that wherever marijuana legalization has occurred that traffic accidents and most notably, fatal accidents, have been significantly lowered. Data shows it can be directly attributed to less alcohol and prescription drug consumption while behind the wheel. Not as it is framed or erroneously suggested. People who feel high don’t want to drive necessarily, while we have all seen the opposite with alcohol and how it impairs our judgment.

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