The Founder of High There! Talks Dating Apps, Weed, and Relationships

Article by Zoe Wilder, Merry Jane

Darren Roberts, the Cupid of Cannabis, created Tinder for weed-lovers.

Three years ago, CEO and cofounder of High There! Darren Roberts noticed a void in the cannabis community. He wanted to design a safe space for weed enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients to meet and connect without fear or stigma. Using technology, Roberts and his partner, Kenny Frisman, created High There! to bridge the gap. Simply tell the app what mood you’re in, what method of consumption you prefer, and your energy preferences. Swipe “High there!” if you’re interested, or “Bye there!” if you’re not. Find a match, mingle with a new friend, and see where the next smoke sesh takes you. It’s as simple as that.

And, it’s working. Meaningful connections are being made every day thanks to Roberts and his team. MERRY JANE caught up with the Cupid of Cannabis to find out exactly how deep his arrows pierce.

MERRY JANE: When did you have the “aha! moment” to create a global social network for the cannabis community?
Darren Roberts:
Really, it came from knowing people in my life who consumed cannabis, both recreationally and especially medicinally, who were looking for a place to meet others with similar interests.  Before High There!, technology where cannabis consumers could connect with each other without stigma didn’t exist. High There! solves this problem. I knew we were on to something and were creating huge value when a couple came up to us at a recent event to share the story of how they met via High There! Turns out, they are getting married this summer.

How’s feedback been from users and the cannabis community?
We’ve been so gratified to see almost half a million people from across the globe download our app. There is a need within the cannabis community to connect with others. We are thrilled that High There! has provided a platform for that.

How can users define preferences for their match?
Currently, you can customize it by how and what you like to consume, your energy levels, and what you like to do when you consume.

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