How Former NFL Quarterback Jake Plummer’s Opening the Playbook on Alternative Medicine

Article by Lane Radbill, Dope Magazine

How Former NFL Quarterback Jake Plummer’s Advocacy Will Move the Chains on Cannabis

It’s been a decade since Jake Plummer threw a pass in the NFL, but if you talk to him long enough you’d think he has a few seasons left in the tank.

Jake is fired up—whether he’s talking about his newborn daughter Laverne, his love for Saturday games of handball, or the crazy Colorado weather—his enthusiasm for all things life is surging. But with a comic book like collection of old broken bones, sprains and surgeries, you’ve got to wonder how he keeps it up. The answer to Jake’s apparent perpetual youth is cannabis, specifically cannabidiol or CBD. In fact, CBD’s positive impact on Jake’s health has helped him to understand that being healthy is a choice, but not a choice that everyone is free to make. To overcome this “choice discrepancy,” Jake has embarked on a crusade of cannabis activism designed to empower individuals to take back control of their wellbeing.

Growing up in a small Idaho town during the ‘70s and ‘80s, Jake was in a world of his own, free to indulge his boyish curiosities. With two older brothers to show him the ropes, Jake quickly took a liking to sports.

“I wanted to be just like my brothers, when I was young. I always wanted to play football when I grew up, but I had dreams of playing running back for the Raiders.”

Just as Jake was developing his talents as a student athlete, America was in the thick of its War on Drugs. Initiated by President Nixon in 1971, America’s War on Drugs inaccurately portrayed a societal epidemic of drug abuse and addiction as it pertains to cannabis. Propagated through public schools, churches and even athletic teams, the War attempted to classify all drugs as “evil” or “dangerous”—even cannabis. As a young athlete, Plummer steered clear of drugs—even cannabis. It wasn’t the political regimes fear mongering tactics that kept Plummer on the straight and narrow—he was simply too busy focusing on football to carve out time for a typical youth’s “extracurricular” activities. But Jake’s indifference to drugs—specifically cannabis—was not wholly a result of his dedication to athletics. Jake was given an education about drugs, he was well aware of them—it was his education that guided his choices, not the political scare tactics of the ‘70s and ‘80s.

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