Where to Find Your Munchie Fix in States With Newly-Legal Marijuana

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If the thought of visiting the land of president Donald Trump turns your stomach, consider this: Four states voted to legalize recreational marijuana. At least they offer a way to forget the woes of the world. Temporarily.

So should you find yourself in Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine or California (all blue states, naturally) and develop a sudden case of the munchies, here are some snacks that should do the trick.

Secret Pizza, Las Vegas
Let’s be realistic here: Of all the states on this list, and all the possible cities therein, Las Vegas is where multitudinous tourists will take advantage of this new freedom. It’s just one more “sin” to add to this city’s list. Surprisingly, offerings on the Strip are weak when it comes to late-night snack options. One sure bet if your hunger strikes late at night: Secret Pizza in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It’s an appropriate name since the eatery is, to quote one fan, “hidden behind a corridor.” The hallway in question is covered in album covers; ask around and you’re sure to find it. The reward is gooey, cheesy, hot slices and whole pies, served until at least 4 a.m. Jackpot!

Sake Rok, Las Vegas
For bites earlier in the day, hit up Sake Rok, part of the Park, a new concept located near the Monte Carlo. The creators of this sushi spot might well have been high themselves when they dreamed it up. It’s dinner, it’s a show, it’s completely whacked. The food is good – inventive twists on sushi, maki, teriyaki and the like. But you go for the whole experience. Waiters double as performers, so at any moment the Steven Tyler lookalike might bring over your tuna tataki and then rush off to a stage with the rest of the staff and encourage the whole place to sing along to Lucky Star. If you’re in the right mood, it’s a hoot. – Domini Clark

The Holy Donut, Portland
Perhaps the vote was so close in Maine because locals in Portland know they need no excuse to indulge in divine doughnuts. Forget cake doughnuts and yeast doughnuts: Potato doughnuts – specifically these ones, made with Maine taters – are the winners in this foolish dessert debate. Crispy on the outside – with just the right hint of grease left on a napkin – and soft yet dense on the inside, these scrumptious circles are truly heavenly. Flavours include ginger glazed sweet potato, maple bacon, classic pure vanilla glaze and, my favourite, toasted coconut and coconut milk glaze. (I grew up in Hamilton, land of Tim Hortons for breakfast, so I know doughnuts.) The only catch is pigging out will require some advance planning, as the two locations close early and often sell out; go before noon for the best selection. Then chill out knowing your hour of gluttony awaits. – Domini Clark

The Line Hotel, Los Angeles
He might be known as the chef whose Korean barbecue tacos sparked the worldwide food-truck craze, but Roy Choi is also L.A.’s stoner-food king. At the Line Hotel in Koreatown, where Choi helms the food program, menus were designed around a single – and prescient – concept: offering up the nosh you crave when a munchie attack hits. Think French bread pizza topped with mac and cheese, hot dog rolls and colourful Hello Kitty cakes, a mishmash inspired by Taiwanese bakeries, underground Korean food markets and Salvadorian and Mexican panaderias. Choi’s high-foodie inspirations haven’t exactly been veiled, but if there was any doubt one of the to-go offerings in his lobby café is named the “bong hit” (it includes kimchi yogurt and spicy chicken) and the ground-level restaurant, Pot – whose name is a double-entendre reference to Korean hot-pot cooking – serves up a signature Pisco sour that has a marijuana leaf emblazoned into its foam in bitters. – Alyssa Schwartz

Dirty Habit, San Francisco
If hunger strikes near the heart of San Francisco (soon to celebrate its 50th anniversary of the “Summer of Love”), head for the fifth floor of trendy Hotel Zelos to Dirty Habit, one of the City by the Bay’s best-kept secrets. This indoor/outdoor patio restaurant with a sleek gas fireplace running the length of the room packs the crowd tighter than buds in a spliff. Share some of the tapas-sized appetizers such as grilled octopus with eggplant and dates, and soon, you, too will be riding at least a food high. If alcohol is your vice of choice, choose from more than 25 cocktails such as “An Ode to Autumn” with Rittenhouse rye, Lustau brandy, Tempus fugit crème de cacao, orange, Angostura bitters, cinnamon and dark chocolate. – Margie Goldsmith

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