My Favorite Pot Dealer

Article by Jay Stephens, Vice


Nearly half of all Americans have tried marijuana, and weed use is increasing at a steady rate. Chances are, you know a stoner or are one yourself. In either case, you know that weed smokers don’t ask for much. They want good bud at a good price from a good dealer who responds to their text messages. Extra points if the dealer has a personal brand, but making any effort to retain happy clients in the booming weed economy is all that’s necessary.

But good customer service is easier in theory than practice, which is why solid, responsible dealers stand out. They’re impossible to forget, regardless of how stoned you might be every time you see them. The ideal dealer is friendly, reliable, and just weird enough for you to want to keep a healthy distance from him in your personal life.

We asked some people to share anecdotes about their favorite pot dealer, and the replies were truly heartwarming.

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