Eva’s Cannalife by Evanghelia K

Article by Evanghelia K, High! Canada


Eva's Cannalife by Evanghelia K

Hello & Happy August all you gorgeous Souls!

Hope the summers been treating you well & you’ve all made some everlasting memories. It’s been a busy summer for this girl. Wish I could say it was full of travel to Exotic Islands, but that would be a lie. It has however been a summer full of creating, work & the odd travel to cannabis festivals & Conferences, which I really do love. Seeing familiar faces, meeting new ones, listening to speakers & always learning something new every few minutes, it’s always such uplifting weekends to whiteness & be a part of.

Last month was the Cannabis Life Conference in Vancouver & I decided to take my little 8 pound fur baby (Araura) with me. All dolled up in one of her summer dresses, prancing around like she owned the place. I don’t think I have to tell you, but she was stealing ALL the attention wherever she pranced off to. I kept getting asked how old my “Puppy” was. My response? “16 and a half”

The look of astonishment I got from everybody who asked, wasn’t anything new to me. Nobody can seem to grasp how a 16 year old dog has the spunk & vitality that she does. Then I let them in on a little secret…. She’s been on CBD the last 12 months. Then the questions start lowing in.

Eva's Cannalife by Evanghelia K

So this month I wanted to share Araura’s story with you, why I got her on CBD, what its done for her & Us & why you too should have your older pets, Pets with injuries or pet that have occasional seizures on CBD.

Last Summer Araura had stopped eating. Day 1 I wasn’t too concerned, as it was summer & figured she just didn’t feel the greatest. By Day 2 I was getting a little worried, but she ate her beef pepperoni links, so I gave her a few of those so she’d at least have some substance in her tummy. By Day 3 I would cook her steak, liver, & chicken, in hopes she’d pick 1 to eat & She would. Day 4 I cooked steak, chicken heart, liver, veal, chicken & eggs in hopes she’d eat anything & she ate a little bit of the liver & Chicken. By day 5 we were in the vet getting urine samples & blood work done as I could feel her lose some dramatic weight.

The next day they called me with her results. Her red blood cell count was high but they weren’t sure why as her organs seemed normal. They wanted to run ultrasounds and x-rays on her, but since this was a new vet that I had never been too before this, I asked them to send her results to my veterinary clinic she’s been going to the last 15 years. The next morning my regular veterinary calls me and tells me he has a package of proboscis, liquid vitamin & some high fibre food waiting for me.

My mom picked it up for me as I wouldn’t make it in time before they closed. I remember when my mom saw Araura & how skinny she was, she looked at me with tears in her eyes. “Don’t say it” I told her. (Im a strong believer that when you say something, you’re putting it out into the universe & I don’t like putting negative thoughts out there.) “She’s going to be fine… She’s got another 5 years… we already agreed on this” I bark at her, holding back tears.

The next morning my mom was heading off to Greece. I hugged her & said my “safe travels & I love you’s” but as she picked up Araura and the way she was holding & hugging her, I knew my mom was saying what she thought were her final goodbyes to her as the tears welled up in my moms eyes, which then of course in turn made me cry. I got Araura on her meds from the Vet but it hadn’t seemed like it was making a difference. The following day after my mom left for Greece, I was giving Araura a massage when I noticed a lump by one of her nipples. That’s when I put it all together. You see a few years prior we had gotten a lump removed from the same spot on Araura that ended up being benign cancer. That must be why her red blood cells are high, I thought to myself. However she was 15 years old & I was too scared to put her under the knife again to get it removed.

So the wheels started turning… CBD I thought, if its that amazing for us, it has to be just as good for anything with an endocannabinoid system. So the research for dosing started. Since she is so tiny I started her on 2mgs of CBD a day. Within 2 days her appetite was back, by day 4 her energy & spunk was back & by day 10, the lump had almost vanished and Arauras vitality was that of a puppy again. She started playing with other dogs, which I haven’t seen in years & her fur even started growing softer & faster. It was incredible to see a change so fast in her, even the Veterinary clinics I took her to when she was sick, couldn’t believe how amazing she was doing.

My mom got back from Greece 6 weeks later in disbelief that Araura was still with us, let alone how healthy & well she looked.

Its been a year since that scare & although Arauras still doing great at 16.5 years of age I still give her CBD every couple days to keep her healthy, appetite up & spunky. I know deep in my heart if it wasn’t for the knowledge I had about CBD Araura probably wouldn’t be here today. So if you have a fur baby who suffers from arthritis, lack of appetite, injury or just old age, you may want to get them on CBD as soon as you can. Animals immune system is 10x faster then that of a human, which means they get sick 10x faster then we do as well as heal 10x faster then we do. So if your fur babies suffering, or you just want to make sure they’re as healthy as can be, I highly recommend a good CBD product for your little one.

Thanks for taking the time to read Arauras story, and hope all you gorgeous souls have an amazing month! If you’re headed out to the Legends Valley Music festival at the end of the August come on by the High! Canada booth and come say High!


Evanghellia K

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