Driven by Compassion a Look at Natural Health Services

Article by Bill Macdonald, High! Canada

Driven by Compassion a Look at Natural Health Services

Dr. Stephanie Mason is a founder of Natural Health Services, a pioneering medical Cannabis clinic which opened its doors in Calgary, back in May of 2015. She is a doctor of Psychiatry who specializes in addiction therapy. Stephanie is dedicated to remediating the harmful effects of addiction and other human ailments by prescribing medical Cannabis. This work at NHS is done by a complete team of doctors and technicians all working within the guidelines established by the Canadian College of Physicians. Business at NHS is booming!

Stephanie recruited University undergrad, Viktoria McNeil-Taboika to join NHS in Spring of 2016, as an educator and patient facilitator. Viktoria demonstrates a bubbling enthusiasm for learning and teaching others, about the healing effects of Cannabis. She is bothered by the current lack of scientifically based knowledge that will only be overcome through years of clinical trials. It is a challenge for Stephanie and Viktoria to direct patients based only on antidotal experience. “This prescription and delivery method worked for this patient, so maybe you should try it”, is not the foundational knowledge base they would prefer to possess, but for now, it is all they must work with.

Notwithstanding the challenges, these ladies are committed to providing the best patient care available under the current system. They recognize daily, the benefits their patients derive from the use of medical Cannabis. They are exhilarated by the positive results their patients receive using medical Cannabis. It is clear their motivation is driven by compassion and a true desire to improve the lives of their patients through, the use of medical Cannabis.

Dr. Stephanie has suffered the disparagement of her peers by being a pioneer in the medical Cannabis business. Like many in the emerging industry, she has been openly criticized by the small minded in her profession. It is inspirational that she and Viktoria carry on, with dedication above and beyond the call, trying to correct years of ignorance through education. Her peers in the fraternity of the medical professionals could take a lesson in compassion from Dr. Stephanie. She questions the inconsistent thinking of Doctors prepared to prescribe trial drugs to patients with little idea of the effects, but they have ethical issues prescribing Cannabis. It makes one wonder how anyone smart enough to become a doctor, can be so narrow-minded when it comes to prescribing cannabis.

Dr. Stephanie crusades for improved patient care and deeply cares about personal patient outcomes. Viktoria is learning and sharing her knowledge about Cannabis and its many positive effects. We applaud these “Women In Weed” for their dedication to making Cannabis use safer for their many patients. They are convinced, as are we, that Cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

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