Dear Herb: I’m A Registered Medical Cannabis User. Can I Carry More Than 30 Grams In Public?

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Dear Herb: I'm a registered medical cannabis user. Can I carry more than 30 grams in public? Herb cracks open the government's cannabis rulebook to explain Herb answers your questions about legal consumption and growing, the law, etiquette — you name it, he'll look into it.

Dear Herb: I have a prescription for medical cannabis, which allows me to possess up to 40 grams (my prescription for a month).

Now that non-medical cannabis is legal, does that mean I can carry my 40 grams of medical cannabis plus the maximum 30 grams for recreational use in public?

I am curious if this has been addressed in the Cannabis Act at all. I don’t actually use cannabis for recreational purposes at all, but I’d still like to know. — Possession with Discretion

Dear Possession with Discretion: Thanks for writing in.

You’re correct that possession limits for medical cannabis users aren’t addressed in the Cannabis Act. Instead, the matter is dealt with in the medical cannabis section of the federal government’s new cannabis regulations, specifically in section 320 (2) (a), entitled “Cumulative quantities”:

“(The) quantities of cannabis that a registered person is authorized to obtain by cultivation, propagation and harvesting, or to send, deliver, transport or possess, by virtue of a registration under this Division are in addition to any other quantities that they are permitted to obtain by cultivation, propagation and harvesting, or to send, deliver, transport or possess, under the Act.” (Emphasis mine.)

Let’s parse that out.

The phrase, “a registration under this Division” refers to a registration to use medical cannabis under this particular division of the cannabis regulations. (The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations were the previous set of government regulations that allowed you to use cannabis for medical purposes in the first place. As of legalization on Oct. 17, the ACMPR got blended into all the other cannabis regulations.)

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