The Curing Process of Marijuana

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Marijuana cultivation is easy if you have good strains of seeds and proper growing conditions are present and good methods adopted from experienced growers.

Harvesting and Curing, which comes post-harvesting,  are the phases, in which you, as a grower, need to be careful; only then, will the fruits of your hard work be sweet. One common mistake that new growers make is harvesting too soon which will result in less weight and reduced  potency.

A little patience here, is important, which will result in much more  potent marijuana buds. It is understood that harvest day is very special for every Marijuana grower, but a little waiting can make the whole thing, even more special. Outdoors a few good hard frosts will insure your buds reach their maximum  weight and potency; their full potential .

Curing which comes after the harvesting is a critical phase, which when done right will deliver the  best possible  aroma, taste, and potency of your Marijuana crop.

First of all, why is curing necessary?

The biggest benefit of Curing is that it preserves Cannabis buds for a greater period of time. Well-cured Marijuana buds can be stored in an airtight container in a cool and dark place for more than two years, without any potency lost.

What is Curing?

Curing is not a difficult process, but is a time consuming one depending on the size of your buds and plants.  Hang the whole marijuana  plant upside down in a semi- dark room after washing the roots thoroughly in a well ventilated area making sure that air can move freely around the plant for about two weeks, or less if you use a fan. Direct sunlight on the plants is to be avoided but some light is good for preventing mold as well as the air movement, that is critical until the plant is fully dry. Remember the plant sends all its remaining juices in the stalk and branches to the buds(seeds) as it dries out and this will give you the maximum yield or full potential of your harvested marijuana.

When the larger branches snap instead of just bending, remove them from the main stalk  and place in an open plastic garbage bag for a day.  The buds should have softened up from rehydrating in the bag for about twenty four hours and should be dried briefly once more, out of the bag. Mold will destroy your buds in no time flat if your marijuana is stored in any kind of even slightly moist  condition in a closed dark container for instance  it will mold. Use a fan on low to aid drying and avoid disappointment.

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