A Conversation About Cannabis Dating Apps with Single Millennials

Article by Zaron Burnett III, Civilized

A Conversation About Cannabis Dating Apps with Single Millennials

If you’re looking for love and you like to get high, a weed dating app maybe the way to go. But that really depends on you and how important is to you that your partner is down to vape and chill. We’ve already looked at a few of the most popular apps. Next up, part two, a conversation with single millennials about whether or not they’d ever use a weed dating app.

Every election cycle proves that attitudes about marijuana are rapidly shifting across the country. What do these changing values mean for dating? Are weed dating apps necessary? Are they a good way to meet new people to get naked with and to possibly find love? To answer these questions we asked a few millennials whether or not they’d want to use a weed dating app to meet a fellow stoner – or if they’d more likely stick to Tinder and try their luck.

Do you use dating apps?

Alice, 30, lawyer: I am not currently using any, but I have used Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge. I have only casually dated using dating apps, I have not had a serious relationship with anyone that I’ve met using an app.

Caitlin, 30, artist: I’ve only used Tinder. And every time Tinder asks me to rate this app, I give it one star. (laughs)

H. Alan, 34, writer-comedian: I use Tinder, Grinder, OKCupid. Those are my three. And I’ve tried HowAboutWe. And there’s that exclusive one for like celebrities. What is that one called? Raya? I was on Raya but it turned out to be a shit show. I don’t do well with people talking about themselves. I may be too Midwestern for that. If someone responds to the question “how are you” and they talk about work, I’m immediately turned off.

Crissy, 26, writer:  I used Bumble and Tinder. I  tried to get on Raya but I got denied. (laughs) I honestly think the app I’ve used the most as a dating app is Twitter. I met my boyfriend off of Twitter.

Have you ever heard of weed-specific dating apps like StonerSingles, HighThere, 420 Mates, or 420Singles?

Crissy: I’ve definitely heard of the 420 ones. I haven’t used them but I’ve heard of them.

Caitlin: (laughs) No. I’ve never heard of those.

H. Alan: When you first asked me about this I started thinking about where I heard about weed-specific dating apps and it was on The Wendy Williams show, which I watch. Daily. (laughs) When she talked about them, she said, “You have to join a lot of communities to find that special someone. And you have to find someone who’s into doing what you do. Get it. Like, how you doing?” I like her attitude.

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