A Conversation With Adam Carolla

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A Civilized Conversation With Adam Carolla

The Adam Carolla Show holds the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded podcast. So it’s no surprise that the show’s namesake has plenty to say about cannabis and current events. Carolla recently sat down for a Civilized Conversation with our founder and publisher Derek Riedle, who chatted with him about Donald Trump, marijuana legalization and which celebs he’s enjoyed splitting a joint with.

Here are the highlights.

Adam, tell me, what’s your take on legalizing cannabis?

I’m for it. I’m for legalizing most everything that is, you know, the consensual stuff. Prostitution, drugs, whatever. I don’t like most of the regulation that’s going on. I mean, think about anyone who’s ever had a house and tried to just do a simple addition on the house. Think about all the hoops the government makes you jump through just for the right to spend $100,000 working on your house. It’s kind of insane, so I don’t like the government being involved with much more than the military and some of the schooling, the roads, the bridges and the cops. I don’t like them regulating what you can put in your body…

I mean, I’m not even a cannabis guy. But if the government wants to put a tax, $5 a pack, on a pack of cigarettes, you should be against that as a nonsmoker because it’s the government getting involved and getting bigger and stealing more money from its citizens. So the people who don’t smoke pot should be in favor of cannabis legalization. It’s funny – it’s like the NRA guys who don’t want the government telling them what to do. Well, this is the government telling you what to do, so everyone in the NRA should be for this as well.

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