CBG-A: The Mother of Cannabis Cannabinoids

Article by Gooey Rabinski

CBG-A: The Mother of Cannabis Cannabinoids

Let’s talk about cannabis efficacy for patients. Not just those with terminal cancer or severe epilepsy, but also any human with any ailment involving an imbalance in their endocannabinoid system.

My personal goal is to educate. I want to change voter behavior. I want to give patients and adult users a better understanding of the medicine they are putting in their bodies. Or considering putting in their bodies.

This article is such an attempt. It is the result of a need to clarify misunderstanding and make the relatively complex and often confusing world of cannabis chemistry more palatable to the average consumer.

Many cannabis consumers are familiar with the major cannabinoids THC and CBD, and even minor variants such as CBC. Some are also aware that these miraculous molecules are formed within the nearly microscopic shimmering resin glands of the cannabis plant called trichomes.

These minuscule medicine factories appear mostly on the flowers and sugar leaves of the plant. However, they can also sometimes be found in different forms on the fan leaves and even stalk of the plant and produce all of the cannabinoids and terpeneswithin the herb (which is also, technically, categorized as a vegetable).

111 cannabinoids have been discovered in this plant since 1940, when THC was first identified (although it was later independently discovered in 1964 at Hebrew University in Jerusalem by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the date that is typically cited).

For simplicity and clarity, this article will consider four primary, common cannabinoids within the plant: THC, CBD, CBC, and CBG—as well as their universal acidic precursor, CBG-A (more about precursors below).

One should informally consider the “g” in CBG-A to stand for “genesis.” This unique cannabinoid is the chemical source of many others, including all of those mentioned above. In fact, cannabis would offer zero euphoric value and be of very little medicinal significance if it weren’t for these particular cannabinoids.

CBG-A is a special acidic precursor that gives birth to cannabinoids that are therapeutic for a wide range of diseases and conditions, from arthritis to Crohn’s to cancer. In fact, a 2013 research study in Israel revealed that cannabis puts Crohn’s into full remission in about 50 percent of cases—yet many states in the U.S. continue to exclude this severe condition from their medical cannabis laws.

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