CBD Oil for Pets in Toronto: A New Frontier

Article by Lucas Renzo Giovannetti, Puff Puff Post

CBD Oil for Pets in Toronto By Lucas Renzo Giovannetti

CBD oil for pets in Toronto is fast becoming a growing trend. With human patients benefiting from CBD’s therapeutic effects, pet owners want to know if their furry family members can also benefit from the herb. They want to see if CBD oil can relieve their pet’s symptoms.

But there are no cannabis laws for pets in Canada. Under the country’s current law, veterinarians are not authorized to recommend and prescribe CBD oil for pets, nor are they authorized to treat pets using CBD.

Pet owners may want CBD for their pets, but the veterinary community is in a bind. For now, there’s nothing they can do legally. They can’t prescribe and treat pets with CBD oil, even if they feel it’s appropriate.

So, where does this leave pet owners?

They’re left administering CBD oil on their own.

Unfortunately, we lack scientific research and studies on CBD and its effects on specific species. Despite the countless positive anecdotal stories, we still lack sufficient evidence showing CBD oil’s benefits and risks to our furry friends.

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