CBD Extracted From Hops Instead of Cannabis Could Provide Solution to Legal Quagmire

Article by Johnstone, Lift News

CBD extracted from hops instead of cannabis could provide solution to legal quagmire Discovery could help patients access legally sourced CBD-based medicine in jurisdictions where cannabis is illegal

Cannabidiol (CBD) is typically linked to the legality and the political landscape surrounding cannabis. But if CBD is derived from something other than cannabis, is the CBD still illegal?

To those in Canada who have, for years, enjoyed ready access to mail-order medical cannabis and local walk-in dispensaries featuring menus with 50+ strains, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that only about 10 percent of the world’s governments have elected to institute legal medical cannabis programs in their respective countries.

While cannabis remains illegal in much of the world, a new product developed by phytoceutical manufacturer Isodiol could put an end to the controversy surrounding CBD-based medicine in jurisdictions where cannabis is prohibited. Removing cannabis from the equation, ImmunAG is a CBD product that contains cannabidiol extracted from hops, a plant that is legal in every country.

“We think this will change the conversation,” said Isodiol CEO Christopher Hussey, “and will start us down the path to a conversation where we don’t think of CBD as something that is derived from cannabis, but where CBD is simply something that is derived from plants.”

Hussey hopes that by moving the conversation away from cannabis politics and broadening the view to other, less divisive plants, Isodiol may be able to bring these products to more people in markets like the USA, where cannabis is still prohibited by federal law.

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