Cannabis Oil Helped Me Through a Job-Anxiety Spiral

Article by Chris D’Alessandro, Vice News

Cannabis Oil Helped Me Through a Job-Anxiety Spiral My job made me hate the universe so instead of self-help books I turned to CBD, THC and YouTube. Depression, by its very nature, makes you feel like you’re trapped with no way out. And when the thing that’s causing you to be miserable is also paying your bills, it can really feel like you don’t have the time, space or ability to change things.

At 27 years-old, I found myself among the 21 percent of working Canadians living with a mental health problem or illness. And workplace stress was definitely the cause.

Almost immediately after losing a job I loved, I was scooped up by a medium-sized advertising agency. I took it because it paid well and rent was due in Toronto. Pretty soon though, I realized that I was living my nightmare career. I was rotting in an office, felt like I was creating nothing of value, and existed only to make more money for those who already had more than they needed.

Every time I saw a former classmate or colleague on Instagram living what seemed like their dream career, it crushed me. I felt as envious as I did embarrassed.

After about three months, I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning due to a feeling of crippling anxiety. My anxiety was also keeping me awake—so I was drinking every night to get to sleep.

The breaking point came one night when I polished off an entire 26 oz bottle of whiskey before finally passing out on the couch around 4 AM. My girlfriend found me the next morning, empty bottle on the coffee table. That was a Tuesday, and my college days were long gone.

Clearly, I needed to be proactive and change jobs.

The problem is, depression and anxiety send you into a vicious cycle where it’s really fucking hard to be proactive. You feel you need to change your situation to cure your depression, but your depression is stemming from a core belief that changing your situation is hopeless. So you feel stuck.

Out of desperation, I decided that trying just about anything to break the cycle was fair game. However, I didn’t want to just read a bunch of self-help books.

So I did what any sensible millennial would do and sourced a variety of remedies through stuff I saw on YouTube. Obviously, this is not hard science and you should talk to your doctor about what works for you, but here’s what I feel worked for me.

4. I started microdosing CBD and THC

I remembered CBD’s calming effects from when my family procured CBD oil from the Canadian government (this was pre-weed legalization) to help treat my younger sister, who is nonverbal autistic and suffers from tantrum-like panic attacks.

In addition to the calming effects, I also wanted a little THC to give myself a mood boost. So I started microdosing both.

I found that CBD made getting through the days easier and THC boosted my productivity in the evenings. If you look into taking CBD, make sure you understand the side effects so you can deal with those, and be aware that it doesn’t mix well with other drugs, especially certain psych meds.

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