Cannabis & Meditation

Article by Colin Bambury, High Canada

Cannabis & Meditaon C o l i n B a m b u r y

Inhale. Exhale.

This is how you meditate and also how you smoke or vaporize cannabis. Cannabis and Meditation have a historical relationship and have been combined in shamanic and spiritual ceremonies since ancient times. Let’s explore the benefits of combining the two.

Meditation refers to various breathing practices that aim to relax the mind and connect the body to the soul. This is done by intently focusing on the breath and letting thoughts come and go. The practice can help create positive internal energy and foster feelings of love, compassion, patience, and forgiveness.

The feeling you get when you ingest cannabis is very similar to the euphoria achieved through meditation and yoga. Many experience relaxation, improved focus, and feelings of love and euphoria similar to the meditative state. Medical marijuana can potentially aid in productive self-reflection and feelings of spirituality by providing a new perspective. Breathing exercises can result in many of the same shifts.

Cannabis induced meditation can help a person take an objective view of their own life and begin to disassociate with their emotions. This is a common goal of spiritual and meditative practices. Learning to understand and control your emotions is a valuable tool and step in personal development.

So, how can smoking or ingesting cannabis be used to improve and induce meditation? One way is through increased focus. Some patients report that cannabis can help them block out distractions. Being able to concentrate on breathing is essential to moving past thoughts and inducing meditation. A study published in The Official Journal of The American Pain Society in 2015 shows that marijuana could be an effective medicine for treating pain. This same report found no evidence of cannabis having any harmful effects on cognitive function. If a patient is in physical pain they won’t be able to move past the negative feelings of the injury and breathe deeply. Cannabis can act as an analgesic.

One of the best times to “ganja meditate” is early in the morning shortly after waking. This allows an individual to harness all of the fresh mental energy. Cannabis may also stimulate the pineal gland – which is known as the third chakra in yogic meditation.

Cannabis affects everybody differently. Some may find that it is more difficult to meditate after ingesting marijuana. It is believed that trying different strains can change the results.

Many Indica strains relax the body and mind, slow synapses, and have pain-numbing qualities. Sativa strains are generally known to provide energy and can help some get into a meditative state. There are numerous varieties of cannabis, which is why it is important to experiment and find the right choice for you.

Remember that every experience is unique and to exercise caution if you decide to try this at home. There are numerous “Ganja Yoga and Meditation” classes throughout Canadian and American cities. Meditation and the marijuana plant both have healing and introspective qualities.

So close your eyes. Inhale. Exhale. And enjoy the benefits of both cannabis and meditation.

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