Cannabis: Learn to Spot Good Pot

Article by Clara, Harmony


If you plan to buy a car, you research your car, read reviews and get informed before you buy. It is part of being a smart consumer. Buying weed is no different. In order to enhance our smoking and/or vaping experience, one must learn to spot the signs of good vs bad cannabis.

Today everybody claims to have high-quality cannabis in stock, but how can you tell who is genuine and who is trying to make a quick buck?


  • Look for crystals. These crystals, known as trichomes, contain terpenes, CBD and THC. If you can look at your weed closely and see lots of crystals in it, it’s a safe bet that the bud will be high in cannabinoids.
  • Look for hairs. These hairs or pistils are an indicator of plant maturation. The pistils change from white to yellow, orange, red and brown. However they add little to taste or potency
  • No seeds, no stems! This is one of the golden rules of bud buying. They add next to nothing to the experience, stems can annoyingly pierce your papers, and seeds will “pop” when under high heat.
  • It should be green. This sounds obvious but buying brown weed is like buying brown lettuce, you just wouldn’t do it! Purple bud on the other hand, is very desirable and is indicative of selective breeding for anthocyanins pigments, which give it the purple colour.

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