Cannabis Culture: George H.W. Bush: Biggest. Drug. Lord. Ever.

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George H.W. Bush: Biggest. Drug. Lord. Ever.

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Do you ever get tired of hearing white journalists blame dark skinned people for the illegal drug problem?

Do you suspect white people are also to blame for illegal drugs coming into North America? Do you hear rumors of CIA involvement in drug smuggling, but don’t feel like diving into a 2000 hour research project?

Well then, you’re in luck. David Malmo-Levine has put all the evidence of CIA drug smuggling into one easy-to-follow format. The best evidence that the CIA is the biggest drug smuggling organization in the world is now conveniently located in one place. Over the course of the next several months, Malmo-Levine will be publishing the secret history of hard drugs at, so that the public will come to realize how the drug war was created by and for the elite section of the intelligence community, to help finance assassinations, military coups, secret armies and to pad their own pockets.

Part 1: Born a spook

“A drug lord, drug baron, kingpin, or narcotrafficker is a person who controls a sizable network of persons involved in the illegal drug trade. Such figures are often difficult to bring to justice, as they are never directly in possession of something illegal, but are insulated from the actual trade in drugs by several layers of underlings. The prosecution of drug lords is therefore usually the result of carefully planned infiltrations of their networks, often using informants from within the organization.”

– “Drug Lord”, Wikipedia

 “World-class drug trafficker. Sinister spymaster with tentacles spanning the planet. President – the most corrupt president in United States history. George Herbert Walker Bush.”

– Bill Weinberg, George Bush: The Super-Spy Drug-Smuggling President, 1992 (1)

“Under the CIA program code-named ZRRIFLE, foreign heads of state who stood in the way of American control of the drug traffic were targeted for assassination; this program is essential to understanding the origins of the plot against President Kennedy.”                                                                                                                                           – Rogue Elephant: The Drug Trade, the Kennedy Assassination, and the War in Vietnam, Kent Heiner, 2001, (2)

“We both thought Bush might prove the worst president in American History and the all-around worst man of the 20th Century, even considering such competition as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.”

– Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger, 1995 (3)

Part 1: Chapter 1: A few quick questions

Is it really the 41st President of the United States George Bush Sr. – not Lucky Luciano or Sam Giancana or Pablo Escobar or Joaquin Guzman Loera – who can accurately be called the biggest (and most dangerous) drug criminal who has ever lived? Is it really the Central Intelligence Agency – and not the Mafia or the Medellin Cartel or Sinaloa Cartel – that is the biggest drug-smuggling organization? Is there any credible evidence that this is so?

Is Bush Sr. – along with his sons – really guilty of drug smuggling, gun-running, murder, and treason? Was JFK’s assassination tied to CIA drug trafficking? Was Bush Sr. the second-highest ranking member of the CIA to be in Dealey Plaza at the time of JFK’s assassination? How important is illegal drug trafficking to US – and world – politics? How many US Presidents – or foreign heads of state – can connect their rise – or fall – to profits from illegal drugs?

Is raising awareness about the role drug money has to play in funding the “Shadow Government” the key to a more rational drug policy for both hard and soft drugs? Will knowledge of our ruler’s role in the illegal drug economy help us replace hierarchy with a more effective form of democracy? Is drug peace the most direct path to a sustainable society?

Is there enough evidence of these crimes being tied to Bush Sr. that he could be made to stand trial? And if there was enough evidence, would any lawyer be brave enough to take him to court? Would any judge be brave enough to find him guilty?

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