Cannabis Companies are Turning Their Attention to My Vagina. And I Couldn’t Be Happier

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LOVE & SEX Cannabis companies are turning their attention to my vagina. And I couldn't be happier Do I really want to purr during sex? I’m not a cat By Rebecca Eckler, Mom 4/20 Never would I have ever thought I’d click on link that screams “YES MORE LUBE!” However, the site professes, “Everyone needs more lube.” I think we actually need more hand sanitizers, but I digress. Getty Images

It’s been years since my vagina has gotten so much attention. Aside from when I was pregnant and giving birth, never have so many random people, and now businesses, been as concerned and seemingly invested in my vagina.

Last week, I had the loveliest conversation about my vagina with Tessa, an online avatar customer service representative, on the website for a company named Foria. Before Tessa — I feel that since we were discussing my vagina, certainly we are on a first name basis — came online, a huge pop up from the site came up, offering a small tube of lube, with another purchase.

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