This is How Cannabis Cleans Up Nuclear Radiation and Toxic Chemical Waste

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This is How Cannabis Cleans Up Nuclear Radiation and Toxic Chemical Waste

The Italian farmer is using weed in one of the most novel ways, he has discovered that it has wonderful cleaning properties.

Since the legalization of marijuana across the U.S, there has been a boom in marijuana products, perhaps this will be the next big thing?

Vincenzo Fornaro has discovered that growing hemp is an excellent way of clearing impurities out of the land on and surrounding his farm.

Fornaro’s farm in Taranto, Italy and others in the region are affected by the local steel mill, which employs many of the small town’s 20,000 residents.

Despite producing jobs for the local economy, the steel mill is actually a deadly polluter and pumps tons of toxic waste and radiation into the surrounding environment.

The steel plant is so toxic that farmers are actually forbidden from raising their cattle in a 20 km radius around it, and in the past thousands of animals have been slaughtered after being found to have been infected by the toxic waste.

But after years working on his farm in the tough environment, Vincenzo Fornaro has discovered an interesting trick which he claims make the polluted soil clean – he grows hemp.

He states that growing hemp on his field completely clears the soil of radiation, toxic waste and other impurities.

his is just one of the great examples of weed and hemp being able to help the world, and the economy in untold ways, but it has gone unnoticed for decades because of harsh drug laws that surround the growing a natural plants like marijuana and hemp.

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