Cannabis Brand Explorer: Who’s Behind the Bud?

Article by Solomon Israel and Graeme Bruce, Leaf News

Cannabis brand explorer Who's behind the bud? Ont Cannabis Stores Different kinds of cannabis on display are seen during a media tour of SpritLeaf's store in Kingston, Ont., Sunday, March 31, 2019. Lars Hagberg

For shoppers at Canada’s legal cannabis stores, it’s not always clear who’s behind the bud. Snappy brand names are everywhere, but strict legal limits on promoting cannabis make it hard for brands to explain what they’re all about.

Brand Producer Province Description

7Acres (The Supreme Cannabis Company) Ontario “7ACRES takes pride in growing High End Cannabis™ that respects each cultivar’s genetic lineage and history.”

MedReleaf (Aurora) Ontario “AltaVie is designed for a premium consumer and those new to cannabis who are curious, selective and interested in general wellness and enrichment.”

High Park Company (Tilray) Ontario “Canaca proudly builds on its homegrown heritage with cannabis whole flower, pre-roll and oil products handcrafted by and for Canadian cannabis enthusiasts.”

Peace Naturals (Cronos Group) Ontario “COVE products are high quality, hand-trimmed, terpene-rich, and never irradiated.”

DNA Genetics
Canopy Growth Corp. Ontario “DNA Genetics have won awards in every category in the Cannabis Cup, the world’s preeminent cannabis competition.”

High Park Company (Tilray) Ontario “Dubon offers master-crafted cannabis strains as whole flower and pre-rolls, exclusively available through the Société québécoise du cannabis in Québec (SQDC).”

High Park Company (Tilray) Ontario “Dutchy is a popular brand of choice for more frequent consumers.”

Eve & Co.
Natural MedCo Ltd. Ontario “Eve & Co is committed to ensuring there’s not a seed of a doubt about the difference the cannabis plant can make in the lives of females”

Canada’s Island Garden Inc. / Goldleaf Pharm Inc. (Pyxus International) Prince Edward Island / Ontario “Drawing from our long line of agricultural heritage and courage to innovate, we have set the standard for high-quality, hand-crafted cannabis”

ABcann Medicinals (Vivo Cannabis) Ontario “FIRESIDE has been tailored specifically for social cannabis users, based on extensive research and consumer insights.”

Radicle Medical Marijuana Inc. Ontario “Gage Cannabis Co. will offer high-grade craft cannabis through proprietary and sustainable growth methods.”

Good Supply
Aphria Inc. Ontario “Good Supply is a value-priced brand without the frills, designed for the everyday cannabis user.”

Aphria Inc. Ontario “Goodfields is for current and new cannabis users interested in quality cannabis from a trusted source, cultivated with care.”

High Park Company (Tilray) Ontario “The Goodship brand is known for its delectable cannabis-infused baked goods, chocolates and confections.”

High Park Company (Tilray) Ontario “Grail is a super-premium cannabis brand that offers discerning connoisseurs a collection of sought-after strains and top-shelf products.”

Haven St.
TerrAscend Canada Inc. Ontario “The dry flower and pre-roll selections of Haven St. are designed to appeal to consumers who are loyal to a trusted, quality brand that offers multiple options for their varied moods or occasions.”

High Park Company (Tilray) Ontario “Headlight offers experienced consumers best-in-class quality focusing on cannabis concentrates, waxes and high potency vape oil cartridges.”

High Tide
Maricann (Wayland Group) Ontario “High Tide focuses on offering products made with high THC strains.”

Canopy Growth Corp. Ontario “Houseplant is the result of years of experience and dedication, with each element and expression thoughtfully designed to make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis as much as Houseplant does.”

High Park Company (Tilray) Ontario “Irisa products include cannabis pre-rolls and oil drops designed to naturally integrate with consumers’ self-care rituals.”

Kiwi Cannabis
Maricann (Wayland Group) Ontario “Kiwi offers a simple range of products produced using balanced and low THC strains.”

Canopy Growth Corp. Ontario “The LBS brand slogan — ‘Worth Its Weight In Gold’ — is a reference to the care and quality put into the brand’s products and also to its roots in California, the Golden State.”

CannTrust Inc. Ontario “liiv features strains already popular with experienced users and provides cannabis products in formats beyond dried flower and pre-rolled joints – oils and capsules – which offer additional flexibility and convenience beyond smoking or vaporizing.”

Lumina Cannabis
ABcann Medicinals (Vivo Cannabis) Ontario “Elevate your self-care routine with Lumina and discover the balance between mind and body. “

Marley Natural
High Park Company (Tilray) Ontario “Marley Natural is crafted with deep respect for natural wellbeing and the positive potential of the herb.”

Northern Green Canada
Northern Green Canada Ontario Brand information not available

Northern Harvest
Maricann (Wayland Group) Ontario “Northern Harvest’s portfolio includes strains ranging from low to high THC content.”

Peak Leaf
CannTrust Inc. Ontario “Discover ways to enhance your mind and body by letting the outside in, because the more we connect with nature, the more we can reconnect with ourselves.”

Plain Packaging
Canopy Growth Corp. Ontario Brand information not available

RedeCan Pharm Ontario “With over 30 years experience in agriculture, we are devoted to delivering you quality cannabis.”

Aphria Inc. Ontario “(RIFF) will have high potency offerings available for experienced users.”

San Rafael ’71
MedReleaf (Aurora) Ontario “San Rafael ’71 is inspired by and designed to celebrate the spirit of classic cannabis culture, aimed at discerning adults who are knowledgeable about cannabis products and who value quality and an authentic experience.”

Starseed Medicinal Inc. Ontario “Starseed’s adult-use brand, Saturday, is about making time for yourself – something we all need more of.”

Seven Oaks
Beleave Kannabis Corp. Ontario Brand information not available

Aphria Inc. Ontario “Solei has been designed to demystify cannabis and will enable current and novice users alike to control and enrich their cannabis journey, pairing an assortment of carefully curated products and strains with different experiences.”

Peace Naturals (Cronos Group) Ontario “Spinach™ is focused on offering Farm-To-Bowl™ products that bring friends together and make experiences more enjoyable.”

Emblem Cannabis Corp. Ontario “Symbl is about creating something special in a very real way, shaking things up and exploring the unexpected.”

CannTrust Inc. Ontario “This unique collection of flavour-first strains is great for consumers who like to keep things social.”

Tokyo Smoke
Canopy Growth Corp. Ontario “Tokyo Smoke is an award-winning, design-focused company that seamlessly blends the best of cannabis with preeminent retail.”

Canopy Growth Corp. Ontario “Tweed is the most recognized cannabis brand in the world. It has built a large and loyal following by focusing on quality products and meaningful customer relationships.”

Up Cannabis
Newstrike Brands (Hexo) Ontario Brand information not available

Van der Pop
Canopy Growth Corp. Ontario “With a focus on education and community, Van der Pop is a guide helping women discover and pursue new paths to self-care and happiness.”

AgMedica Bioscence Ontario “As our name implies, Vertical is all about the ascent – the personal experience we as individuals strive for in a new world.”

High Park Company (Tilray) Ontario “Wallops are creators of high-intensity chews and confections.”

TerrAscend Canada Inc. Ontario “Weedbox is for the cannabis user interested in elevating beyond living a life by default to living a life by design.”

WeedMD Rx Ontario Brand information not available

MedReleaf (Aurora) Ontario “Woodstock is an iconic brand and a trusted symbol of the lifestyles of the cannabis community; bringing to market quality products that embody the values of Woodstock.”

CannTrust Inc. Ontario “Xscape strains are carefully curated for specific experiences, making it easy for consumers to choose the right strains for their adventures.”

Yukon Rove
High Park Company (Tilray) Ontario “An assortment of local favorite strains will be available from Yukon Rove in whole flower and pre-rolls, exclusively in the Yukon territory.”

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