Cannabis At Work

Article by Sarah Leamon, Cannabis Life Network


As the government’s self-imposed deadline for cannabis legalization approaches, politicians and legislators have been working around the clock to tie up any loose ends that could potentially cause problems once the product legally hits the streets.

So far, they have tackled complex issues around cannabis and driving, as well as setting age limits and guidelines around the manufacture and purchase of the product.

But there is still a lot to do, and perhaps some of the biggest outstanding questions have to do with employment.

  • How will employment standards adapt to the legalization of marijuana?
  • Will employers be able to test and monitor for the drug amongst employees?
  • How will they be able to ensure safety standards?
  • How will your workplace be affected?

These questions, and more, have been raised by some interest groups and organizations who have expressed concerns about the future of workplace safety and cannabis. The federally regulated transportation sector, FETCO, has been particularly vocal in raising these concerns.

They are worried that, with legalization, the drug will make its way into the workplace. They are asking how employers will be able to regulate its use amongst employees once it becomes legally available.

This is especially the case for “safe-sensitive” places of employment. When it comes to these types of jobs, there are increased concerns around this issue. We don’t want people like long-haul truck drivers, transit drivers and commercial airline pilots, for example, doing their jobs while impaired by cannabis.

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