You Can Make Any Beverage into a THC-Infused Cannabis Cocktail

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You Can Make Any Beverage into a THC-Infused Cannabis Cocktail Prohibition Gold's line of powdered, THC dissolvables take the mess out of marijuana edibles while offering a squeaky clean alternative to weed culture. But in sweeping away the realities of criminalized cannabis, do they go too far?

A woman holds a martini glass between her fingertips, her skin aglow in the camera’s flash, the edges of her evening dress and matching jet-black hair lost against the dim, cocktail-lounge light.

“Devilishly Good Fun,” reads the distressed saloon lettering to her left—words made official with a wax seal of a devil wielding a pitchfork.

Though these branding elements read like a Fireball ad, they’re the front-and-center web presence of Washington-based cannabis edibles manufacturer Prohibition Gold.

Prohibition Gold, which manufactures packets of powdered, dissolvable THC—Potshotz for drinks, Topshotz for foods—is making it easier than ever to infuse your everyday vittles with marijuana’s most common, psychoactive cannabinoid.

It’s as simple as tearing open a little plastic packet, pouring the off-white powder into your drink or atop a plate of food, and waiting a few minutes for the “marijuana mixer” to dissolve.

“We want you to be able to infuse just about any type of food so the options that await are endless,” reads the Prohibition Gold website. “Now you become your own infusion chef. You decide when, where, and what you want to infuse.”

At 10 mg of THC per single-serving pouch—sold at Washington dispensaries in boxes of ten packs for $25—these dissolvables offer a manageable marijuana experience, ideal for cautious consumers seeking a low-key high.

We tried out Prohibition Gold’s futuristic beverage enhancer, Potshotz, and were impressed with what we found.

Added to your drink of choice, the powder dissolves within a minute or so, fizzing atop its liquid host until the concoction is ready to go.

Once dissolved into a beverage, Potshotz impart a bit of a chemical taste, but it’s a bitterness that’s easily masked by a flavored beverage. We thought Gatorade made for the best pairing, though LaCroix held up just fine.

We also noticed that Potshotz tend to kick in faster than edibles that need to be chewed and digested—an observation corroborated by Prohibition Gold’s website, which claims that their product “diffuses THC into the drink, coating your mouth and throat so it starts working while other edibles are being digested.”

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