Better Late Than Never! More M.O.M. Cup 2017 Thanks

Article by Penney Puff, Twelve High Chicks

Better Late Than Never! More M.O.M. Cup 2017 Thanks POSTED BY : PENNY PUFF

I don’t know if I hugged everyone who worked through the weekend of the M.O.M. Cup 2017. There were so many people who played a part in the success of the event, I hope they know how important they were to our soirée. Being our first cup, we had a lot of lessons to learn; but with all the help we had from a thousand different directions, we pulled off one hell of a stoner event.

First off, thank you to all the Volume One Chicks who came through for us, both new and old. Our Chicks are integral to our publication; I am so proud of all of you for representing us with such grace and individuality at the M.O.M. Cup, and diving in where we needed you. From helping decorate to working merch to selling 50/50 tickets to just being your wonderful selves, I happily sing your praises from the roof top. What a beautiful bunch inside and out.

I have to thank Tracy Curley for sharing her experience with me in the early days of planning. It was nice to have reassurance that we were on the right track, particularly in the last couple weeks leading to the Cup.

I must also show some love to my dear friend and fellow Chick ziicka, who was a great sounding board, had great complementary ideas, and didn’t mind my 2:00 am texts when inspiration and/or worry struck. She almost always knew the answer to “where is the tape?” during the whole weekend, and that was more important than it sounds.

To our editor, Jay, who kept on top of our administrative side, literally made sure our I’s were dotted and T’s crossed, and was a voice of reason throughout. Knowing that they were documenting it all, well, I knew there was nothing to worry about. [Glad someone wasn’t worried! –J]

Huge props to Neil Magnuson. If it was missed, he caught it. He brought great energy to the event that money can’t buy. His experience was unparallel and I am so grateful to him.

To Andrew, best sound guy a kitty could ask for … even if that wasn’t supposed to be your job.

Jordan, thanks for being great when it came to the kind of thing I kept my fingers out of.

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