Anticipating The Apocalypse? How to Grow Bud in a Bunker

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Underground in an undisclosed semi-rural location in Canada lays the ultimate medical grow bunker-no this isn’t a government-built facility, rather, this state of the art grow bunker is the work of devoted federally-authorized medical marijuana cultivators. The facility is federally-licensed by the government of Canada for a specific number of plants and amount of dried medical marijuana buds that can be securely stored on site—making it 100 percent legal..

All of the time, investment and know-how that has gone into designing, building and operating this safe, secure and productive bud factory has come from dedicated citizens—not big business, as one might expect looking at this bud-filled super fortress.

From the outside, there isn’t anything that would indicate to visitors of the property that inside and nestled underground is a one-way in-and-out-only medical marijuana factory that is safely walled in with up to 16” thick of engineered concrete, top, bottom and around all sides.

Basically, getting invited for a tour here is like getting invited to stroll through Fort Knox: a rare, fantastic and exciting opportunity. The operator guiding the tour is very professional about the visit, being calm, collected and pleased to share information which is the culmination of years and years of work and problem solving that came together in constructing a grow operation like this one.

Clearly, there is a lot to learn from and to be shared from the work and advancements that have been made here. 

As far as build quality goes, the concrete grow bunker is as solid and as well built as an underground parking garage, but it wasn’t designed or built by a contracted group of specialists—instead, the knowledge and engineering skills were developed over time through several related and unrelated projects by a dedicated grower.  The operator knows exactly how many cubic meters of concrete were poured, how many feet and what gauge of rebar, even how many feel of armored electrical wired for lamps were used in the construction—all off the top of his head, like I was asking him what he ate for breakfast.

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