Announcing the Official Launch of Shatterizer Silver and Shatterizer Black

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High! Canada: Announcing the Official Launch of Shatterizer Silver and Shatterizer Black

“We are thrilled to announce the Shatterizer is now available in silver or black, with a new high-grade aluminum top,” exclaimed inventor and company co-founder Matt Zysman. “We listened to the cannabis community around the world, on both the medicinal and recreational sides and are pleased to launch our additional Shatterizer concentrates vaporizer product line.”

Reverse engineered around user insights and essentially co-created with clients who enjoy their Shatterizer most, the company has developed an offering to complement the original borosilicate glass version, which launched in 20 countries around the world, September 2017. These two new vape pens and interchangeable aluminum tops to be sold separately as accessories, will provide enhanced discreetness in silver and black and increase the overall lifestylish-ness of the brand.

The Shatterizer’s new highly durable top option is designed to maintain the flavourful taste of cannabis concentrates (like shatter, resin, rosin, bubble hash, budder, crumble, wax, distillates and more) and deliver upon the density of perfect clouds. Matte on the outside and smoothly finished on the inside, Shatterizer Silver and Shatterizer Black will satisfy on-the-go, easily transportable, high- quality ‘everywhere’ vaping.

Customers can still depend on the Shatterizer’s unique differentiators including: spacious atomizer globe design allowing vapor to build and cool, 15-second continuous heat option for larger hits, long-lasting battery life, and 3 variable voltage temperature settings for personal vaping preferences. The Shatterizer’s easy to clean Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) and ceramic dish (CTECH) coils are still available in convenient 5 packs, interchangeable with the silver or black additions. The bonus QDC coil remains part of the all-inclusive vape kit experience. “Through building phenomenal relationships with our clients, we discovered they like having multiple CTECH or QDC coils dedicated to different strains, as well as multiple glass globes. We were honoured to hear the cannabis community loved their Shatterizer so much, they wanted accessories to match their lifestyle to take their Shatterizer everywhere they go.

Although many cannabis consumers prefer to use borosilicate glass with the opportunity to see the vapor build within, we can now cover the what-ifs during active usage, travel, and transport, with our versatile home and away options,” explained Zysman. Since Shatterizer’s launch the team has built up incredible steam and in-market momentum, thus the timing of this evolution couldn’t be more perfect. Connecting with over 100 leading edge lifestyle cannabis retail businesses from dispensaries to vape lounges, and listening to key industry leaders, the vaping community has verified this is a very exciting move and top-notch product decision.

“We were blown away and very thankful for all the positive feedback we received while testing our prototype silver and black models. Over the past 6 months, within the legal recreational markets of Colorado, Nevada and California and City of Vancouver, in meeting with medicinal marijuana patients and international activists at some the most esteemed cannabis conferences like LIFT in Vancouver, Champs Tradeshow and ASD Culture Plus, we are sincerely happy to share this news and add even more products to our beloved and growing Shatterizer brand,” concluded Zysman. Media and Investor Inquiries please contact:

Valerie McCulloch mba
Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer
416.421.VAPE (8273)

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