Acceptance of Cannabis or Marijuana Increasing Rapidly

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Acceptance of Cannabis or Marijuana Increasing Rapidly

Cannabis producers scrambling to raise capital to increase capacity

One of the interesting things happening in the cannabis or marijuana industry has been the rapid acceptance of it at the government level; not only for medical marijuana, but for recreational pot as well, although the latter will take a lot longer to gain acceptance than the former.

What this has done has resulted in a number of cannabis producers like Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, Aphria and OrganiGram, among others, to scramble to meet the soaring demand of marijuana, as the rapid acceptance by governments has caught them off guard.

This is why so many producers, especially Canadian producers, are using their company shares as a means of raising capital quickly, so they and add capacity in order to boost production.

Reasons for acceptance

There are a couple of key reasons by various governments around the world, including individual states in the U.S. are moving toward acceptance of cannabis.

One is the fact it has been proven as a legitimate means of treating some diseases and conditions. Public pressure to legalize medical marijuana has resulted in a lot of laws being passed to decriminalize the medical usage of the plant.

Second is the accompanying tax revenue that will be generated as a result of legal sales. If the industry remained fully underground, it not only criminalized all those participating in growing and using cannabis, but it left a gaping whole in tax revenue that could be used by governments for a wide variety of reasons.

With that in mind, there is no doubt cannabis will continue to grow in acceptance – individually and governmentally, as well as medically and recreationally.

But as mentioned earlier, legalizing marijuana for recreational use will be much slower and focused on different regions, and in the case of America, in different states.

Medical implications for cannabis users

What the legalization of cannabis for medical reasons does is open up the door for treatments that in many cases, had to be obtained illegally in order to gain access to them. That time is rapidly ending.

I believe in a few short years we’ll probably see medical marijuana legalized in most nations and states in the U.S. There’ll be some exceptions, but not enough to stop the massive trend from quickly expanding.

The purpose of this article isn’t to get into specific cannabis treatments for various conditions, but to point out the fact that at the macro level, patients responding to these treatments will have it available with no fear of legal repercussions.

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