5 Mistakes New Growers Make… And How to Avoid Them

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5 Mistakes New Growers Make…And How to Avoid Them

Breaking into the marijuana business can be one of the most lucrative decisions you ever make. As legalized recreational marijuana usage soars in the US and internationally, the need for growers increases exponentially each day. If you’re just starting out as a new grower, there are many things you can consider and prepare for that will improve the likelihood of a successful first grow.

Instead of starting out blind and navigating unexpected hurdles, do a little research and planning ahead of time; it might just save you time and money.

Before you dive into the specific problems to work through, remember the most important aspects of beginning your grow; patience and experimentation is key. While cannabis crops grow quite fast, you can’t expect a crop that has learned to evolve over hundreds of years to show changes overnight. Be patient and diligent and you will see the results you want. Don’t expect every crop to respond identically to the one that came before it.

With that in mind, here are 5 common problems that new growers may encounter and how to prepare for or avoid them altogether:

  1. You went to big too soon

This is the most important tip on this list. For beginners, the most important thing to master is the basics first. There are thousands of weed blogs with tips for growers of every experience level; you name it, growers have tried it. While it may have worked for them, it’s important to recognize that no one grow is the same and that learning to adjust to problems that arise is the mark of a great grower.

As a result, mastering the basics will make all the difference in your grow. Once you have the basics down, you can experiment and play around as aggressively as you want with the confidence that if something goes wrong, you’ll know how to deal with it. Don’t try out every tip you read and certainly don’t try to go too big on your first or even second and third grows.

  1. You’re grow isn’t well ventilated

This can seem obvious but cannot go overlooked. Having great air flow and therefore air quality is essential to great plant health. While of course much easier to accomplish outdoors, the reality is that many people opt for indoor grows for a more controlled and discrete environment.

For a smaller grow, an oscillating fan may be all you need to keep air moving. Larger grows with particularly hot lights will need an exhaust system. Deciding what is best for your particular yield is a tip that many first time growers have yet to master. A good rule of thumb is that for grows that are over 3 plants, set up an exhaust system and fan. Educating yourself on how to set up an exhaust system for your grow is essential for all beginner growers.

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