420 Parts Per Million: There is No 420 Joke Here.

Article by  Bruce Ryan, High! Canada

420 PARTS PER MILLION There is no 420 joke here.

In the very near future, atmospheric CO2 will reach 420ppm… a much higher level than the planet has seen in 700 thousand years or so. Long before “humans”, as we know them, became the dominant species. Sure, the CO2 levels were at 1200ppm when cannabis first evolved during the Oligocene Era, but that was an extremely long me ago, like 32 million years ago. You know, back when modern mammals as a species ‘line’ was evolving. Within the past mere 286 years, CO2 levels have been rising at a rapid and increasing rate. This extreme rise directly correlates to the development of industrial civilization (as we call it), since, say about 1730. We began burning coal and oil which has now reached billions of tons. Spewing megatons of CO2 into the air per year. The increase shown on the NASA charts since 1950 is a straight line upwards. Based upon the endless burning of stored hydrocarbons, this phenomena is virtually unparalleled in the planetary record. Mother Earth has never seen this action before, except during the Eocene Epoch – 50 million years ago when 90% of the life on the entire planet died off due to endless fires burning over vast areas from dead trees buried over millions of years. This CO2 increase changed the bio-sphere enough to nearly wipe out all life on Earth. Slower than a comet strike, but faster than natural progression, this recent rise in CO2 levels has the potential to seriously fuck things up for humanity…. our way of life, or civilization, as we know it. Do we want to see 90% of humanity die off?

Along with 90% of the rest of our favourite species? (Yes, I do mean your dogs & cats & birds)

Back to my favourite rant: Plant Cannabis Everywhere: Millions upon hundreds of millions of acres everywhere. Turn the farmers loose. Let them grow the sacred plant. We can do this one simple task and literally capture gigatons of CO2 directly from the air. “You might call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” Cultivate the ancient crop everywhere, capture carbon and make “stuff” out of it. Build homes. Make cars. Weave clothing. Make more green products. Every ton of cannabis grown captures a ton of CO2 above the ground and stores another 30% in the soil: the very definition of carbon negative. Nothing quite like it on the planet…. except algae farming.

On the other hand, algae farming is not nearly as much fun nor does it function very well across the vast landscapes and farmlands ahead of us. Using cannabis to reclaim some of the2 BILLION acres of ruined farmland is another exercise that yields multiple returns: cleaning the soil, removing fertilizers, toxins & chemicals thus returning productive land to service. Cannabis offers the potential and means to use existing farmland that has been abandoned. This will have greatest impact on agricultural nations and local populations. While the global population continues to grow, our ability to feed ourselves becomes ever more critical. Climate change will reduce the yields of crops that we depend upon like rice, corn and wheat. Knowing that cannabis seed is the PERFECT food for humans makes this equation rather logical, captain. It is the only food that provides 100% nutrition. The ability to grow our food, our houses, our clothing and our fuel on the same land is a comprehensive solution. This solution is available worldwide to virtually every farmer. Cannabis grows anywhere from the equator to nearly the Arc Circle. The fact that it’s extremely hardy, non-GMO and multipurpose means it’s a triple threat.

Major corporations that depend on oil & gas for their very survival are threatened. Companies that use petroleum based products and those that burn it for energy, are at risk. Extraction and world prices are declining as the quest for new oil fields becomes ever more expensive. The corporate beast is both contributing to the problem and fighting for its continuation at the same me. None of them want to see a “solution” that terminates their operations. None of them support an agenda that changes the basis of business as usual. Many are organizations that did not exist ~ like the ice-harvesters ~ a century ago. Many predict that 50% of the Fortune 500 won’t survive the coming storm over the next 20 years. Those that adapt and embrace “green” carbon-negative technologies will thrive. We sit in a unique point in history; we can choose which companies to support in order to create the future we want. Buy hemp. Buy cannabis.

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