3 Canadian Moms Open Up About Cannabis

Article by Ivy Jackson, Lift News

3 Canadian moms open up about cannabis Removing the stigma one story at a time

As a parent, you don’t get to defer tough questions from your family—or about your family—to anybody else. It’s up to you. You’re captain.

Still, moms always seem particularly wise and steadfast when it comes to these situations—just the type of people you want at the helm.

To fete Mother’s Day, we asked three Canadian moms to explain how they steer through unfamiliar waters when it comes to medicinal marijuana use, because the reality is, stigma still hangs heavy. Yet these strong, loving and vocal mamas are helping normalize medicinal cannabis prescriptions for both parents and children.

Reagan Repetski – Thornhill, Ontario

For Reagan Repetski and husband Alexander, medicinal cannabis has drastically changed their family’s life. The couple’s daughter, Gwenevere Leia, was diagnosed with catastrophic juvenile epilepsy at just three months old. “We’re still hoping for a further diagnosis through genetic sequencing, but this is what we have today,” Reagan says.

Before beginning her cannabinoid treatment in 2014, Gwen was having over 30 seizures a day. Now, she’s able to attend half days of junior kindergarten with assistance. “While she does not need to take a dose at school, they are aware of both her condition and cannabinoid therapy,” Reagan says.

Alexander now sits on a committee for the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, which he notes has taken “great interest in this emerging treatment.”

How many children do you have?

Two, Damien Luke (6) and Gwenevere Leia (4). Gwenevere is the cannabis patient.

From a mom’s perspective, why is it important for people to understand medicinal cannabis isn’t a way to “get high”?

Cannabis has been the only thing to stop my daughter’s constant seizures. After failing nine traditional medications and having 30+ seizures a day, she has gone from a two-year-old who couldn’t walk and could barely sit up independently, to a four-year-old who is running and jumping. Cannabis IS medicine and has improved her quality of life by tremendous amounts.

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