2018 O’Cannabiz Moments

Article by Phil Wong, High! Canada

2018 O'Cannabiz Moments

2018 O’Cannabiz with Cam Battley

What a weekend as O’Cannabiz put on another outstanding show! It was a crazy busy first thing in the morning Saturday and I bump into Cam Battley, the Steve Jobs of our industry. Cam what do you think of O’Cannabiz this year?

“O’Cannabiz does such a lovely job of bringing together people from across the spectrum – activists, advocates, and people from the culture, along with independent businesses, entrepreneurs with new ideas, government officials and established cannabis businesses. I really like that. It fosters unity, and we’re going to need that unity to pursue additional important things together, such as amnesty and other unfinished business.”

What are you doing down here at O’Cannabiz?

“This year’s conference was special. Though there obviously remains a lot to be done, we had a big victory to celebrate with the Senate vote on the legalization bill. You have to celebrate the successes. And it’s always nice to reconnect with colleagues across the sector, to hear everyone’s updates, and to keep your finger on the pulse. Because now we have to consider the best way to take this movement, the things we’ve learned, and our businesses around the world.”

2018 O’Cannabiz with Humble Howard What did you think of O’Cannabiz?

“O’Cannabiz was amazing! It was once again an eyeopening experience to see the latest and greatest from the world of Cannabis and to meet such engaged and knowledgeable people. Thanks to my boys Phil and Cy from High Canada my weed-ucation is continuing quite nicely thank you!”

2018 O’Cannabiz with Av Singh. Always a pleasure to see Av! What’s new with you?

“Flemming & Singh Cannabis Inc. is just over 4 months old, but we (Randy Flemming, aka “The Pot Whisperer” have over fifty years of experience in the worlds of cannabis and organic cultivation. We have clients all across Canada and help bring the lens of “problem avoidance by design” as a filter for their cannabis vision. Recognizing that a sustainable Canadian cannabis future is a balance between optimal quality and cost of production per gram, we are constantly blending the traditional knowledge of the subculture with the academic science from universities and private labs.”

What are you doing down here at O’Cannabiz?

“One of the main reasons we choose to remain as independent consultants is our belief that sharing knowledge and building social capital are foundational for a sector to prosper. If we can play a small part in shaping someone’s opinion about the marvels of cannabis or help them better understand the unique dance that the plant plays with the microbes in the soil, then I think we create stronger ambassadors who are going to help shape a cannabis community that built upon a reverence for plant.”

“I had the opportunity to give talks on the common cultivation challenges that growers face and on the importance of terpenes. Rather disparate topics but I think that is the beauty of what O’Cannabiz offers. There is something for everyone — from the novice growers to the more seasoned who are looking at the latest technology to help produce better quality, higher yields, or become more sustainable.”

“In these early years of legalization, conferences like O’Cannabiz are more than just speakers and equipment vendors, it is community building, it is helping to shape the culture of cannabis in Canada. Thanks to Neill, Danya, Randy and their amazing team for consciously carving out what is important for our sector to thrive — the inclusion of events solely to address the “grassceiling”; the importance of Indigenous perspectives, acknowledgement of the tireless work of the subculture, and investor opportunities to help make the dreams of many into reality.”

2018 O’Cannabiz with Jodie Emery. What did you think of O’Cannabiz?

The O’Cannabiz conference brought together a lot of new participants in the industry, and it was good to see a few familiar grassroots activists in the mix too. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to speak at any event, and it meant a lot to have a keynote and panel to share my personal story – but as always, my focus is on sharing the hardship and pain of prohibition victims, and advocating for true freedom and access and fairness. It’s encouraging to see so many cannabis events happening on a regular basis, and it lifts my spirits to meet so many supporters and fellow advocates. The heartfelt and inspiring stories that were shared with me at O’Cannabiz help motivate me to continue my activism. We can’t stop campaigning for true cannabis freedom, for everyone, and I’m happy to see so many new proponents joining our movement for justice.

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