10 Tips For Healthy Consumption of Cannabis

Article by Colin Bambury, High! Canada


10. Vaporizing is Better than Smoking

Although cannabis smoke is much less toxic than cigarette smoke, inhalation of any combustion is not desirable. Over 100 toxins are released when cannabis is burned. Smokers are more prone to respiratory infections than people who use vaporizing tools. Vaporizers can also be set to specific temperatures, allowing you to control the cannabinoids and terpenes that are released.

9. If Smoking, Use Hemp Wick

Cigarette lighters release noxious gases and butane that may be inhaled while smoking marijuana. With hemp wick you are you receiving a more natural smoke. Hemp wick allows the user to have more precision and a less harsh hit. It is a healthier way to light bowls and joints.

8. Clean Your Pieces

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to cleanse your bong or rig, it is also essential for proper lung health. Water should ideally be replaced after every single session. Dirty bong water is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and toxins. Glass pieces should be fully cleaned at least once a week. You can do this using salt and rubbing alcohol to remove dirt and resin. Forcefully move the liquid throughout the piece, removing streaks and pieces of resin. Then rinse properly with lots of water. For your lung health and smoking pleasure — change your water and wash your pieces!

7. Make Healthy Edibles

The chocolate chip cookies and brownies that line the shelves of dispensaries can be tempting. Edibles are one of the best ways to medicate because of the strength and length of the effects. You don’t need to consume large amounts of sugar to receive these benefits. When cooking edibles, infuse the cannabis product into coconut oil instead of butter for a healthier alternative. THC is fat-soluble so there are many options for infusion. Make smaller-batch higher-dose edibles so that you are consuming less food product.

6. Test/Look for Bud Rot & Mold

Bud rot is a type of mold that develops deep in the dense cores of the cannabis buds. The infection starts on the stem and spread outwards. This makes it hard to detect in early stages. The rot will appear white and wispy and will turn grey and black. Less reputable sources of cannabis may still sell these buds. You can do a simple visual test by cracking open a cannabis bud and inspecting the inside. There should be no white/yellow/brown discoloration or fuzzy mold. If possible you should always purchase your cannabis from a reputable source that uses lab testing for percentages and molds. Do not smoke cannabis if you do ind rot or other types of mold. A variety of bacteria grow on damp marijuana that can lead to serious respiratory infections. Always store your cannabis in a cool, dark place and be mindful of the moisture content. Excessive heat can dry out cannabinoids and terpenes. Use products like Boveda packs to control moisture in mason jars.

5. Check for White Ash

When you smoke a joint you may notice that some cannabis produces white or black ashes. For the most part it is desirable to have a white ash or a mixture of both. A lighter-colored ash indicates that the cannabis was cured and lushed properly. This means that there is no excess moisture within the plant material. Smoking cannabis that wasn’t cured properly is unnecessary and may be harmful for lung health.

4. Use Non-Bleached Papers

It is quite common for chemicals to be added to traditional rolling papers like Zig-Zags. Bleaches such as chlorine or calcium carbonate are used. Blunt wraps and coloured papers contain potassium nitrate, which can cause respiratory tract damage and lung cancer. Thinner papers are better because it means you are inhaling less smoke overall. Rice and hemp papers are a healthier alternative and offer a slow burn. Both are usually chlorine-free and unbleached. Elements is an example of a rice paper brand.

3. Don’t Use Tinfoil

DIY stoners have historically used tinfoil to create bowls for makeshift smoking devices. Smoking from foils can give your bud a harsh metallic taste. The fumes may be seriously dangerous. Many report headaches and harsher coughs from smoking with aluminum foil. The science is inconclusive but as a precaution I suggest against it.

2. Add Essential Oils

Adding natural and organic essential oils like Eucalyptus oil to your smoking water can have many benefits. Users report that it helps prevent resin from sticking to the inside of the piece. Eucalyptus can act as a bronchodilator, which may help soothe coughing from cannabis smoke. Try this experiment during your next session.

1. Get Off The Couch

Cannabis use does not make you inherently lazy! The most important health tip I can give you is to participate in a physical activity while under the inluence. Take your dog for a walk or go on an adventure in the forest. Playing your favourite sport can be more enjoyable than ever. Working out doesn’t feel like a chore when you use marijuana. Find something you love doing that gets your blood pumping. Ganja yoga classes and cannabis-themed gyms are sprouting up all over North America. Find a group of like-minded individuals and get your sweat on! Let’s work together to break the “lazy stoner” stigma by staying active and sharing our stories.

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