10 Statements about the LPs to Boil Your Blood

Article by Caleb McMillan, Cannabis Life Network


In case you missed Canopy CEO Bruce Linton on BNN, or Bill Blair’s February 2018 interview, here are some recaps to boil your blood.

1. “Canada’s leading pot players are preparing for a historic transfer of wealth.”

And similar to how the current South African president is expropriating farmland from white farmers, or how Pierre Trudeau once expropriated Alberta’s oil industry, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are expropriating BC’s unique strains and genetics from the original farmers and homesteaders.

2. “There will be a multi-year rollout where I think we really do become the source,” Canopy CEO Bruce Linton told BNN

The source of what? Corporate cannabis? Infiltrated by former cops, producing pesticide-ridden cannabis radiated before putting on sale to the public? A public that has been and would rather buy from the growers who have been doing it for decades and have all the knowledge and expertise.

3. “It’s similar to the time after prohibition,” industry expert Jay Rosenthal told BNN in an email. “Once the legal ban was lifted, consumers stopped drinking moonshine because better, safer options were available,”

It’s similar but not the same.

First, cannabis is not a toxin like alcohol and will not kill you.

Second, the time period of prohibition has been longer, the social taboo stronger, the underground culture has been given more time to germinate. By the time Justin Trudeau promised “legalization,” it was the blooming of this culture into the mainstream that made his empty political rhetoric a feasible campaign plank.

4. “Buying untraceable cannabis from a guy in a parking lot is just not going to be able to compete.”

Who does this still? The jurisdictions that have been sane enough to leave dispensaries alone have solved this problem. That’s legalization.

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