10 Reasons Why You Need To Start Eating Raw Cannabis

Article by USA Health Times

10 Reasons Why You Need To Start Eating Raw Cannabis

Have you ever tried a raw cannabis smoothie? There are several surprisingly good reasons why cannabis may be the next new superfoodHave you ever tried a raw cannabis smoothie? While it may sound gross to some, there are several surprisingly good reasons why cannabis may be the next new superfood. Raw cannabis is not psychoactive, meaning that it is safe and healthy for people to consume in their diet. It’s also extremely nutrient rich, meaning that makes a big nutritional impact even in small doses. If you’re skeptical, here are 10 reasons why you should eat raw cannabis.

1. Cannabinoid acids

There are 421 distinct chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. Over 100 of them are unique plant molecules called cannabinoids. While recent research suggests that other plants may contain chemicals that have similar functions to cannabis, these specific compounds are unique to both marijuana and hemp plants.

The primary psychoactive in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is a cannabinoid. However, the cannabis plant itself does not produce an abundance of THC. Rather, the cannabinoid is found on the plant in its raw form as tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA).

It is only through heating and aging that that THCA transforms into THC. While there may be a small amount of aged THC and other active cannabinoids on a cannabis flower, the majority of them will be found as cannabinoid acids. Some speculate that these acids have a wide variety of health benefits.

Preclinical research suggests that THCA potentially has antiproliferative and antispasmodic effects. The acid has also been found to trigger a certain cell receptor called TRPA1, which plays an important role in pain regulation and inflammation related to the nervous system.

The raw, acid form of cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid that is being researched as a potential new treatment for epilepsy, also has shown some potential. Early research has shown that CBDA connects with the same cell receptors as some over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs. CBDA also interacts with the TRPA1 receptor, giving it some pain-fighting potential.

2. Fiber

Many people throw cannabis leaves and bud into a juicer. However, there may be some benefit opting for a smoothie or a few cannabis leaves in a salad. Like all leafy greens, cannabis leaves are filled with the fiber needed for a healthy diet.

Consuming high-fiber foods is needed to maintain proper digestion and to cultivate a healthy microbial community in your digestive tract.

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