Karma Cup Judge’s Kit Unboxing

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Karma Cup Judge's Kit Unboxing

One night at the end of June, I eagerly filled out my judge’s application on my back porch as I smoked some weed. Paying attention to the details, ensuring nothing was missed when describing how I would critique the samples, my mind dead set on being a judge.

Within a few weeks my application had been reviewed and I was e-mailed the opportunity to purchase a judge’s ticket. The judge’s ticket gets you a “swag bag”, a sample of each product entered, access to all Karma Cup events, Karma cup T-shirt and free access to multiple vape lounges in the weeks prior to the Karma Cup.

In the weeks & days leading up to receiving my judges kit, the anticipation grew. I couldn’t wait with the thoughts of terpene infused concentrates, a vast spread of edibles, and the newly added vape pen category, all going through my head.

When I received my judge’s kit I also got my Karma Cup lanyard, judges pass, Karma Cup t-shirt (your size) and an information packet for online judging/events. When I got home I quickly finished the last of my set up to film my unboxing, you can watch this below.

The “Swag Bag” had a lot of unique products and enough rolling papers and lighters to last the cup. Some of the coolest products were 0.125 mL sample of terpenes from Trinity Terpenes, custom Karma Cup Medtainer, 4 different seed packs and dab mats including a custom Karma Cup one. There were promotional items including lots of stickers, 5 lighters, lighter leash, 3 sets of rolling papers & filters, and Thompson Caribou lanyard & concentrate container. There was another t-shirt and more posters, a lot of different products of value.

This year there were two separate zip-lock baggie for the topical and edibles. The Topical bag was half filled with small cream containers and vials. I prefer to smoke my medicine to get instant effects, but topical and edibles are an area I’m currently learning more about. I really enjoy this about the Karma Cup, you get to sample all of Canada’s best cannabis entries. Judging all of the different samples brings you up to speed on emerging products. The large zip-lock was full of edibles ranging from cookies and macaroons to hot sauces and syrups.

The last bag and the judges score sheet were all that were left in the judge’s kit. The final bag contained the bud and concentrate entries along with the vape pens/cartridges. In total there were 109 useable samples, and 22 functional glass entries. Below is the break down of the different products.

Flower (33)

Buds:  Sativa – 5

Hybrid – 11

Indica – 8

Organic – 4

CBD – 5

Concentrates (36)

Shatter/Pull ‘n Snap (20):  Sativa: – 4

Hybrid: – 9

Indica: – 7

Budder, Wax, Crumble – 6

THC Distillate – 5

Solventless – 5

Vape Pens – 7

Edibles – 22

Topical – 11

Heady Glass – 22 (Don’t get to smoke through)

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