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Karma Cup Trophies 2016

Karma Cup Trophies

Congratulations to the 2016 Karma Cup trophy winners in all 15 categories! This years entries were amazing, and many judges had a hard time picking a favourite. After all the votes were tallied, the awards were presented to the winners at Vapor Central. Below is a complete list
of all the winners, more information will be released when it becomes available.


1st Place: #4 Jack La Mota – CannaCopeia Consulting
2nd Place: #5 True Ocean Grown Sativa – Beard Brothers Society
3rd Place: #3 Laughing Budda – The Green Monkey

1st Place: #11 Black Water – MedMariCapo
2nd Place: #1 Gorilla Glue #4 – TEEMU – TWO DOPE BOYZ
3rd Place: #7 Chocolate Kush – SWW Farms

1st Place: #8 Lindsay OG – Liberty Farms
2nd Place: #3 Death Bubba – Thompson Caribou Concentrates
3rd Place: #1 Rockstar – Teemu – TWO DOPE BOYZ

1st Place: #1 Purple Space Cookies – The Green Monkey
2nd Place: #2 Trainweck- Dirty Dispensary
3rd Place: #3 True Organic Ocean Grown Sativa – Beard Brothers Society

1st Place: #2 CBD Skunk Haze – CannaCopeia Consulting
2nd Place: #3 CBD Afghani – House of the Great Gardener
3rd Place: #1 CBD#4 – The Green Monkey


1st Place: #2 Old School Haze – Beard Brothers Society
2nd Place: #3 Lemon Lambs Bread – Thompson Caribou Concentrates
3rd Place: #4 Amnesia Haze – Thompson Caribou Concentrates

1st Place: #9 Blue Splash – Liberty Farms
2nd Place: #8 Star Tuna – Beard Brothers Society
3rd Place: #4 Space Monkey – Skunk & Panda

1st Place: #4 Pink Kush – Cannabis Extractions
2nd Place: #7 Death Bubba/Afghani – Beard Brothers Society
3rd Place: #6 Atomic Cookies – Thompson Caribou Concentrates

1st Place: # TKO (Total Kock Out) – Beard Brothers Society
2nd Place: #2 TKO (Total Kock Out) – Bosstalgia X Urban Remo (Collaboration)
3rd Place: #3 Green Crack X God Bud – Thompson Caribou Concentrates

1st Place: #4 Acapulco Gold Rosin (Terpenes of bud re-added) – High Grade Extracts
2nd Place: #1 MK Rosin – BC Terp. Link
3rd Place: #2 Green Crack X God Bud Rosin – Thompson Caribou Concentrates

THC Distalite
1st Place: #4 Acapulco Gold Flower – High Grade Extracts
2nd Place: #5 N/A – Beard Brothers Society
3rd Place: #2 N/A – Thompson Caribou Concentrates

Vape Pens
1st Place: #4 Distillate – Trinity Terpenes X GenX
2nd Place: #1Sativa – G-Juice
3rd Place: #5 Flavour Saver – CannaCopeia Consulting


1st Place: #6 MJ Creams CALM – MJ Creams
2nd Place: #7 Pain Cream – Charlene Freedom
3rd Place: #2 MAGIK – Bare Coconut Taboo Collection


1st Place: #4 Reese’s Pieces Squares – The Healing Garden Canada
2nd Place: #12 Lemon Macaron – Feels like More
3rd Place: #13 Baked Budda Cup – The Baked Bakers

Heady Glass

1st Place: #21 Honey of Life – Stratisphere Glass
2nd Place: #2 2016 Canadian Olympic Bowling Team – Redbeard Glass
3rd Place: #12 Sea Monk – Tommy Cudmore


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