HotBox Grow & Sensii Cannabis: Grow 101 Ashley Athill

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HotBox Grow & Sensii Cannabis: Grow 101 Ashley Athill

It’s truly an amazing time we live in currently in Canada. We have a robust medical cannabis system with thousands of at home producers as well as “legalization” a year away. Just like most individuals in the cannabis community I am not happy with how legalization looks like it will be implemented, but it is optimistic that each residence can have 4 plants.

Whether or not you are a medical grower, gaining knowledge for legalization, or taking your risks and getting an early start, it always helps getting some pointers from an experienced grower.

In this case, Ashley Athill, a medical grower who learnt her skills in Jamaica from her grandmother and further refined them at Oaksterdam University in California. Ashley condensed as much information as possible into the 6, two-hour weekly classes. (It has been further refined into a 4 week course.)

HotBox Grow & Sensii Cannabis: Grow 101 Ashley Athill

Ashley took her knowledge and started Sensii Cannabis, (Instagram) a company dedicated to informing individuals about the health benefits and how to grow cannabis. She tailors her service to meet the diverse needs of each client, which ranges from elderly individuals to families.

The information included in this course started at the base level to ensure everyone had a basis for what we were talking about, then slowly progressed bringing up other things that needed to be considered.

This was a great place to start off. It covered everything you need to know to grow cannabis at home: grown environment, nutrient, harvesting, curing, and pest management. The course also provided a safe environment to discuss cannabis cultivation and provide specific advice for you and your situation. As a new medical grower I relied on this heavily as issues came up in my garden.

HotBox Grow & Sensii Cannabis: Grow 101 Ashley Athill

If you are new to cannabis growing or it’s been a hobby of yours that you are looking to improve upon, this is the course for you. There are many different steps in the cannabis cultivation process. Having an experienced teacher go through the entire process will give new growers the confidence to undertake the task, and experienced growers the ability to see steps they missed/screwed up that resulted in sub-optimal results, previously.

I learnt lots over the course and had a lot of fun at the same time! After class we would go next door to the HotBox Café to share a few joints, chat and on occasion we’re treated to some homegrown from other growers in the class. It was great to build a connection with the other individuals in the class as well as the teacher.

HotBox Grow & Sensii Cannabis: Grow 101 Ashley Athill

If you are looking to get into the legal cannabis industry or just preparing yourself to grow the best four plants when legalization rolls around, Grow 101 is an amazing foundation to build your cannabis grow knowledge off of. When growing plants indoors where you need to control the environment completely, it’s crucial everything stays within the acceptable ranges. Grow 101 gave me the confidence to get started in my own garden, knowing how to properly care for my cannabis plants.

This is just brushing the surface of what we learnt, a lot of sub topics were brought up in class and touched upon. Once you complete the course you’ll be ready to attempt your first crop, and you get a free pack of Rare Earth seeds when you complete the course as well. Another student after the last class bought a grow tent, lights, pots, and everything to get going. You should be leaving this course feeling you have all the knowledge to get started, just like this student clearly did.

rare earth seeds HotBox Grow & Sensii Cannabis: Grow 101 Ashley Athill

The whole course is $120 for all 4 classes (2 hours each) and includes 5 Rare Earth feminized seeds if you sign up for the whole course at the beginning. This is a great price! For less than the price of an ounce you can learn to grow your own cannabis for years to come. I highly recommend this to everyone and anyone interesting in growing their own cannabis!

The next course starts on January 2nd, 2018 and you can register here. There is also the option to signup/drop in for just one course to get a feel for it or if you need help with just one topic. An individual class will cost $40. With this being said, HotBox Grow invites individuals who took the entire grow course to stop in on following classes to ask questions, get help and share product/experiences.

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