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matt mernagh HotBox Grow: Gardening Your Medicine cannabis

When thinking about Canadian’s knowledgeable enough to lead a cannabis cultivation class, there is one individual’s name that jumps out: Matt Mernagh. Matt was the first Canadian medical patient with a court exemption to grow their own cannabis as a fall out of being raided with cannabis plants, before it was a medical option for patients to grow their own. He was also a member of one of the first Toronto medical marijuana clinics, wrote about cannabis cultivation/medical benefits in NOW magazine, co-founded the Hash Mob and author of the book, “Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains”.

Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains matt mernagh

It’s unknown exactly how long Matt Mernagh has been growing for, but from his legal battles (starting in 2008) it’s safe to say he’s been growing for over a decade in many different situations. Using this vast knowledge Matt created a unique crash course for growing cannabis filled with lots of tips for new starting out/intermediate growers, focusing on small scale.

matt mernagh HotBox Grow: Gardening Your Medicine cannabis

The course was split into 4, two-hour classes with specific topics for each class and goals for the following class. For example, after the first class our homework was to designate a place where we’d grow, decide on a growing style and come back with a budget to work with. This was great to motivate everyone with small, obtainable goals.

matt mernagh HotBox Grow: Gardening Your Medicine cannabis

There were lots of great tips on how to save money or get your budget grow started for a fraction of the cost. Assuming you’re using a grow tent, small store bought fans can be shoved in exhaust vents for a simple air exchanger. It was also noted that there are various products on the market that can be used to eliminate the odor of flowering cannabis rather than investing in large carbon filters and fans.

matt mernagh HotBox Grow: Gardening Your Medicine cannabis

Along with covering getting your grow environment set up, soil, nutrients, techniques for the vegetative phase as well as how to flower and harvest your medical cannabis were all covered. This is my favourite course for those eager to grow and looking for advice as they assemble their equipment. As a new medical grower there is an incredible learning curve as you create an environment suitable for cannabis and learn the nutrient requirements. It is very useful to have the support of Matt Mernagh guiding you through this course as you start to experiment with your own garden as there are always unexpected issues.

rare earth seeds HotBox Grow & Sensii Cannabis: Grow 101 Ashley Athill

The full course costs $120 for 4, two-hour classes and included, you get to choose a pack of Rare Earth feminized seeds (5 seeds per pack) and get 10% off future purchases for a year. Sign up here. I was very happy with my experience in the course and learnt a lot of different tips and techniques, a lot of which are being used in the garden currently. I highly recommend this course for intermediate growers looking for advice as they take the next step in their garden or are just looking to improve their quality.

matt mernagh HotBox Grow: Gardening Your Medicine cannabis

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