Why Should I Be Cautious With Edibles?

Written by Marine Golding for Dankr.ca.

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Distribution of cannabis oil within a given edible is inexact, so no two bites will contain the same amount of THC. In addition the effect of edibles comes about as a result of the digestive process, taking much longer to give an appreciable reaction in the user. Whereas smoking produces a near immediate buzz, edibles take between half an hour to an hour or longer to kick in. A great majority of people trying edibles on a lark, find themselves fairly incapacitated by the whole experience and are not inclined to give cannabis a fair shot after that. It’s similar to binge drinking on your first night out and swearing off alcohol completely (although those vows tend to be short-lived).

Edibles tend to be in the form of highly appealing baked goods. While they are delicious, they must be respected. Their highly palatable nature may lead to overconsumption based on taste alone if one is not careful. Have other food alongside so that any munchies can be quelled without taking in too much cannabis.

If there is any possibility of a child being near an edible make sure it is absolutely unfindable and out of reach. A child getting their hands on a beautiful looking brownie that secretly contains psychoactive compounds is a recipe for disaster. The child could be traumatized, and cannabis has been shown to be detrimental to developing brains. Being a responsible consumer means that your responsibility extends to all those who may be effected.

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