What is a “Roach”?

Review by Toronto Toker for Dankr.ca

what to do with your roaches what is a roach weed save 420 thc

A roach refers to the end of a joint that often gets discarded at the end of a sesh. Now depending on if you roll your joints with a filter or not will affect how much cannabis is left in the roach. Rolling with a filter usually has less cannabis left over at the end. As an attempt to finish every last bit of bud rolled up, there are two main techniques. First being the “Roach Clip” of the 60’s, its used to hold your joint as you puckerup to the last few tokes. The other commonly known idea for saving your roaches is collecting them and re-rolling these roaches into a joint of their own. This is a messy process but fans love the potent joints created from the build up of resin that’s collected.

what to do with your roaches what is a roach weed save 420 thc

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I am a medical marijuana patient and youtuber, and have been for a few years. I am very passionate and knowledgable about cannabis. I want to help share my knowledge with inexperienced patients through Dankr, and review products to ensure there is a standard in the community.

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