The Origin Story of 4:20!

Written by Toronto Toker for Dankr.ca420 4:20 4/20 origin story history the waldos thc bcd

There are plenty of stories and rumors out there surrounding our favourite time of day, and day of year to consume cannabis. From 420 being the police code for catching someone blazing to there being 420 “chemicals” in cannabis, there are a lot of myths. Over the years, more information has come out surrounding 4:20 with the original individuals looking for documentation to prove their story. So as of April 2018 here’s the most up to date info known about 4:20.

For many years, those in the know were aware that a group of San Rafael High School students (self named “The Waldos”) would meet after school by a statue at 4:20pm to go have a sesh. This is a great story and for many years was the accepted explanation, but over time The Waldos looked for any proof they had to show they coined 420 and the story went further.

It turns out the story of 420 is a lot bigger than just some high school students smoking to celebrate getting through another school day. From the website ( kept up by The Waldos themselves, you can learn more about what happened.

420 4:20 4/20 origin story history the waldos thc bcd

The story goes… a friend’s brother who was in the US Coast Guard planted a patch of cannabis, but was too concerned with getting caught that he passed off a map and permission to harvest the plants indirectly to a Waldo. The Waldos met at the statue of Louis Pasteur at San Rafael High, smoked, and then went on a search for this patch of weed.

Unfortunately for The Waldos, the crop was harder to find than anticipated. In the following weeks ‘420 Louis’ became a term for the group to reference to see if they were going out searching again that day after school. The term continued and eventually got shortened to just 420, but the crop was never found.

Through The Waldos, 420 was introduced to others and popularized, such as the Grateful Dead who brought it to a larger, international audience. The Waldos have uncovers old letters between them where they used 420 to reference cannabis, to help cement their place in history. No matter what 420 means to you exactly, April 20th is a day to be thankful for everything cannabis has done for you, or helped you with.

420 4:20 4/20 origin story history the waldos thc bcd

420 4:20 4/20 origin story history the waldos thc bcd

420 4:20 4/20 origin story history the waldos thc bcd

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