Help, I Lost my body. I’m too High, What Should I do?

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Some people (many people) overdo their first cannabis experience, especially their first experience with edibles. The very non-scientific term for this is greening out. Greening out can result in highly unpleasant sensations of paranoia and helplessness. An inexperienced user would be justified in being more than a bit perturbed by the experience and forgoing cannabis in favour of something that won’t send them completely to space. This happens all too often and ruins what could have been a good experience with a product that has so many potential upsides. If, however, this happens to you rest assured that you’re not alone.

Try to rest your mind in knowing that you’re in no physical danger and that you have not overdosed. No one ever has! A nap, a shower, a cup of coffee or (my favourite) reading a really boring book may help balance you out a bit. Try not to panic. Most of all, don’t panic that you’re panicking. You see the snowball effect that may result.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it pays to go slow until you find your own individual tolerance. This will vary depending on strains and consumption methods. Be especially cautious with edibles.

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