What Factors Affect The Percent Yield When Pressing Rosin?

Written by Vision of RastaRoZion, for Dankr.ca.

RastaRoZion is a rosin company out of Toronto run by two Rastafarian rosin pressers. RastaRoZion was launched in 2017, bringing affordable, high-end rosin to the Toronto market. With decades of cannabis experience and fine-tuning their pressing skills, RastaRoZion is able to repeatedly product great product. Thank you RastaRoZion for answering these questions.

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Some factors that can affect achieving a decent yield are:

-if your pre squish (bud) is to dry or old

-how much heat you use

-how long you press for

-the amount of pressure applied

Or if you are using a bud that just doesn’t have enough natural resin to release…(won’t bleed)

Thank you very much to RastaRoZion for answering this question, and keep an eye out for their rosin in a dispensary near you! You can also make purchases through Instagram: RastaRozion420 & Vision187.

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