What are the Differences Between Sativa, Hybrid & Indica?

Written by Toronto Toker for Dankr.ca

Difference Between Indica vs Sativa Sativa vs Indica weed

When discussing the many different types of cannabis available, individuals will often refer to the two main species: sativa and indica. These are the two ends of the spectrum, with sativa’s making you more energetic, creative, and indica’s that relax and induce sleep. There are many different strains of cannabis that fall into the categories of sativa and indica, but the majority of them land somewhere in between. These strains are called hybrids and contain traits of both an indica and a sativa cannabis plant. These traits can be seen throughout the growing process and will be discussed in more detail below.

Difference Between Indica vs Sativa Sativa vs Indica weed

What is a Sativa?

A sativa is a species of cannabis plant that provides energetic, euphoric, uplifting, and creative effects. Sativa’s are medically beneficial for depression, pain, fatigue, and stress. Sativa’s originate around the equator and have a longer flowering cycle. You can visually tell a sativa plant by its thin leaves, and it’s tall, (8-15 ft) lanky structure. Fortunately the buds also show traits of it’s genetics. Sativa’s will have longer, pointed buds that are usually fluffy. Sativa will usually possess a fruity and/or lemon scent. Sativa’s a recommended for during the day as they keep you energetic and focused.

Difference Between Indica vs Sativa Sativa vs Indica weed

What is an Indica?

An indica is the species of cannabis known for providing the “couch lock” effect. An easy way to remember this is when you hear in-di-ca, (indica) think in-da-couch. Indica’s will often make the consumer feel relaxed, tired, sleepy, and hungry. Medically, indica’s are very useful for reducing pain, increasing appetite, decreasing nausea and stress. An indica cannabis plant grows shorter (2-6 ft) and bushier than it’s sativa counterpart. Indica’s flower quicker with thick leaves and dense, round buds that smell of pine and/or earthy. Indica’s can be the most useful at night to help get to sleep or relieve the pain from a long day.

Difference Between Indica vs Sativa Sativa vs Indica weed

What is a Hybrid?

Many strains that are popular today were created through crossing different strains together to create potent, flavourful, high yielding, and/or optimal effects. As a result the vast majority of cannabis strains are hybrids, not being completely true to either indica or sativa. A hybrid has mixed traits from its parental genetic lineage. Often hybrids will have very enjoyable effects because it isn’t overpowering in one way or another. You can cross strains to remove the unwanted characteristics from a particular strain. The smell, bud and plant structure can range drastically depending on its genetic. With these genetic variances, hybrids can be used throughout the day and evening. This is because they have some uplifting effects and some relaxing effects. Hybrids can make some of the most enjoyable strains because you can tailor the bud/genetics to give you the end product you desire without negative side effects.

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