When it Comes to Cannabis Prices, Bulk Discounts Matter

Article by Leaf News

When it comes to cannabis prices, bulk discounts matter How much is that doobie in the window? (John Woods)

The latest Statistics Canada data on cannabis prices confirm what any comparison-shopping marijuana consumer already knows: legal weed currently costs more than illegal weed.

The price gap is significant. A gram of legal, Trudeau-approved sticky icky cost an average of $9.70 between Oct. 17 and Dec. 31, according to data submitted through StatsCan’s crowdsourcing price tool. That’s nearly 50 per cent more than the average price of a forbidden gram of illicit cannabis, which cost just $6.51 during the same period. (Both prices were collected for recreational cannabis.)

This isn’t a perfect measurement of cannabis prices by any means. It’s self-reported, and the sample size is relatively small: only 457 price quotes were submitted from legalization day to New Year’s Eve, and just 385 were considered “plausible” by government number crunchers. (Other price data reported by The Leaf News suggests illegal prices may be higher than legal prices in certain circumstances.)

Public discourse around the relatively high price of legal cannabis has focused largely on taxes, but another important factor might also account for Statistics Canada’s findings: black market weed transactions have traditionally involved bulk discounts.

If you’ve ever bought marijuana from a dealer, you’ve probably experienced this. A single gram might cost $10, whereas 3.5 grams might be $30, representing savings of $5. The next size up, seven grams (a quarter), might be $60, and so on.

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