Top 7 Canadian Cannabis Brands To Follow in 2020

Article by Carlie Beblin, Cannabis Life Network

TOP 7 CANADIAN CANNABIS BRANDS TO FOLLOW IN 2020 CARLIE BEBLINMAY 10, 2020 BUSINESSCANNABIS CANADACULTUREFEATUREDLIFESTYLE0 COMMENTS34 VIEWS Marijuana has been legalized in Canada for 2 years now, and these brands are setting new standards! Here are 7 Canadian Cannabis brands to follow in 2020.

Marijuana has been legalized in Canada for 2 years now, and these brands are setting new standards! Here are 7 Canadian Cannabis brands to follow in 2020.

7. Cannabis brand- Sundial

Sundial is a Cannabis brand based out of Calgary, Alberta that offers a modern, refreshing, and natural alternative to other brands out there. Sundial aims to create a brand that fits seamlessly into today’s active, healthy lifestyles. Their clean design puts them in the category of aesthetically driven Cannabis brands.

Check them out here.

6. Top Leaf

This is a luxury brand founded by Cannabis enthusiasts who wanted to smoke only the best weed they could find. The mission at Top Leaf is to carefully craft “rich, full-bodied cannabis, with complex terpene profiles, mid-to-high THC potency and that little something special.” The cultivars at Top Leaf mix famous and exclusive genetics from around the world. They employ master growers curating the best possible product in their purpose-built modular rooms at Sundial’s flagship facility in Olds, Alberta.

Check out Top Leaf’s website here.

5. Cove- Cannabis brand famous for top-quality buds

Cove was born in the Okanagan Valley and are known for their high-quality buds, trimmed by hand. They offer a variety of strains so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Cove Cannabis is currently retailed at 15 locations across Canada so no matter where you are, you can get some fine BC bud.

For more information about Cove, check out their website here.

4. Cannabis Brand Doja

Doja is a Canadian Cannabis brand that was founded in 2014 by a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs. This brand is based out of Okanagan, BC and it is in the valley that they cultivate small batches of premium BC bud. Doja thoughtfully hand trims their buds too. One thing that really stood out is their “mission to petition” a mass pardon to the Canadians faced with minor Cannabis convictions. All proceeds from their PARDON apparel support this cause.

Check out their website here to learn more.

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