Tips in the Proper Usage of LED Lights in Canada for Growing Cannabis

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Tips in the Proper Usage of LED Lights in Canada for Growing Cannabis

Have you ever thought of growing your medical cannabis for personal use? Or Are you planning to turn it into a business venture? Whatever reason you have in mind, growing marijuana can be challenging.

You can grow your marijuana plant, both indoor and outdoor. Most growers prefer growing their cannabis indoors because they can control the environment where they plant cannabis. As a result, the plant will produce high quality of marijuana. Growing marijuana indoors required tools to help with the growth of the plant. One of these tools is the LED grow lights which is the most important of all.

Here are some tips in the proper usage of LED grow lights for growing your cannabis:

Choose Correctly

Choose the best light you can use for your marijuana plant. There are three types of grow lights where you can choose from. Each has its purpose in the growth of the plant. Always choose a grow light based on your needs and requirements.

LED grow lights became the most popular among the three, putting an end to the reign of HID grow lights that cultivators used for decades. It is the best for fem strain marijuana and helps with the slow and steady growth of your plant.

LED helps cultivators produce superior grade marijuana compared to the two contenders. It also has a low energy consumption which can help you lessen your electric bill. You can choose from the best LED grow lights in Canada.

Dimming Capability

Aside from choosing the right to grow lights, it is also essential that you install your grow light with a 0-100 percent dimming capability. It is vital that you can control your grow light to help your plant grow healthy. Dimming the lights is necessary when your plants are stressed or during application of foliar and pesticides.

If you choose to include dimming control in your LED grow lights, you can make sure that you are providing the right amount of light in every stage. If this can’t be possible, you can adjust the grow light and move it far from your plant. Make sure that you move the grow light in a correct distance, not too close but also not too further.

It is a bit inconvenient to do it manually; it is why your best choice is to install a dim controller along with your grow lights—a little extra expense in exchange for convenient cultivation.

Temperature Control

The temperature of the marijuana grow room is also vital in the health of your plant. It is crucial that the plant’s environment is 3 degrees above the leaf temperature. Do not allow condensation to take place, as it will make the plant vulnerable for pathogens and fungus.

The temperature difference when using LED lights is more significant due to the absence of the radiation from the grow light. Considering this factor, you can also install a temperature controller to make sure you are providing your plant with the best environmental condition they need.

The ideal heat for marijuana plants varies on each stage. During the cloning stage, the temperature must be around 20-25 degree Celcius since clones only depend on the transpiration for their water as they do not have roots yet.

When the plant reaches the vegetative stage, the temperature needed is still around 20-25 degree Celcius along with a high humidity around 70 percent or more for the young plant. When your plant gets older, it will only need a lower humidity.

While the flowering stage of marijuana plants needs around 28-degree Celsius with low humidity, higher temperature will slow down the growth of its bud. It will even cause your plant to dry out.

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