It’s All Smoke and Mirrors in Legal Pot Debate

Article by Chris Nelson, For The Calgary Herald

It's all smoke and mirrors in legal pot debate Chris Nelson, For The Calgary HeraldCHRIS NELSON, FOR THE CALGARY HERALD. Hundreds of people attended the 4/20 marijuana rally held at the legislature grounds in Edmonton on April 20, LARRY WONG / POSTMEDIA, FILE

Only government could get rid of something and then announce it’ll now cost more to do less.

And you wonder why we relentlessly borrow so much money across this country? It’s because when it’s not your own pocket you’re digging into, then suggestions of expediency and cost control remain vague murmurs on a passing breeze.

Take the ludicrous faffing-about going on since the feds followed through on an election promise – wonders never cease – and announced they’d legalize cannabis.

There are fine people who oppose this on moral and health grounds, but the history of fighting and losing this endless “war on drugs” gives credence to this directional change.

Anyhow, Justin Trudeau’s bunch ran on it and won so, fair enough, they possess a mandate for change. Other than the shock of politicians doing as promised, the looming legalization should not surprise anyone – the public, police, health service, courts and all levels of government.

Now I say “looming”with tongue planted in cheek, because only in officialdom could two year’s notice be deemed speedy. Yet to listen to these various public bodies, you’d think they’d awoken one Monday and were told to get this done by Tuesday.

The Grits won in October 2015 and never wavered this was coming. The bill landed with a thud back in April, while implementation takes place next July. How long do these people want?

Instead, we hear: “Oh what are we going to do, how will we police this, who will pay for this, that and the other? How much? How young? How often?”

This isn’t to suggest we should ignore such questions, but does it take two years to decide if someone 18 or 21 should be allowed to purchase pot — it was always going to be one of the other. Should it be sold in private stores or public, how much should the tax be, how much can you grow at home? OK, give ‘em three months – that should be enough to figure this stuff out.

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