A New Era Of Canadian Cannabis: Microcannabis

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Have you heard the term “Microcannbis” before? Have you heard the term “Organic Cannabis” or “All-natural Cannabis” before?

Our guess is you have probably heard the later two but not the first. Right?

Did you know that there is no real such thing as “organic cannabis”? Being “organic” means that you must be FDA approved and being that cannabis is not federally legal in the United States of America or even Canada (yet), organic weed doesn’t exist.

Therefore at Dankr we strongly support the Mircocannabis movement. It’s our goal to stand behind cannabis that is much more than just a product. The dispensaries and growers whose focus is to build relationships with growers, brands and you the consumer are the people that we want to support.

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As a consumer you should support the integrity of cannabis products. It is time that we, with the help of the Dankr community and the Canadian population put forth a new era of production quality and a positive culture that places our beloved industry in the best light possible moving forward.

Check out one online mail order website that is pioneering the Microcannabis movement with the help of it’s many growers and brands.

When it comes to shopping for pot, why should it be a shot in the dark? WhitePalm makes sure that their growers and brands are accountable for their products. They are a market place for North America’s top small-batch cannabis – whether it be flowers or extracts.

We find their focus of promoting the small-batch passionate grower very inspiring. As massive cannabis production facility are firing up around the world with the belief that they can grow world class cannabis on a large scale many beg to differ and so do we. Our community consists large-in-part of medicinal patients who have experienced the lack of quality that comes from licensed producers.

Not to mention that the pioneers that made the cannabis revolution possible are once again being treated like outsiders. A new era of cannabis is upon us and we can make a difference with the direction it goes in.

Read more about the Microcannabis story, here.

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