Netflix and Vape: How to Pick the Perfect Cart for Every Binge

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If you’re looking to spend some quality time with a new cannabis gadget, a little binge-watching is the way to go. But with so many strain options and so many shows to watch, it’s easy to get stuck by indecision trying to find the best 510 cartridges to use.

Fortunately, you answer a lot of the same questions for both your herb and your entertainment: Do you want to turn your brain off or turn the volume up? Are you in the mood for something serious, or do you want to get goofy? Do you want to stay grounded in reality or go somewhere a little weirder? Are you chilling by yourself or with others on Netflix Party, Zoom or Facetime?

TOQi lead inventor and CEO, Drew Henson, paired his top 10 Netflix shows and movies with 10 high-quality 510 cartridges for your viewing and vaping pleasure. The Netflix selections include award-winning and critically-acclaimed motion pictures, but also a K-Drama and notable entries at film festivals. The pairings were carefully selected based on his experiences, with a curated temperature setting on the TOQi 510 wireless vaporizer.

For long binges, TOQi makes vaporizers and futuristic accessories that can hang with you on the couch for hours.  Keeping the TOQi 510 charged up is as easy as setting it down on a wireless charging pad. And since it uses standard 510-thread carts, your strain selection is practically limitless—although all the below strains have been handpicked to match some of the best movies to watch while enjoying indica, sativa, or hybrid strains.

Top Boy

Winner of BAFTA Best Original Television Music

Pair with Jager OG by Top Leaf

British TV drama meets indica with notes of licorice and 87.40% THC content.

Jager is an Indica-dominant strain that can chill you out without knocking you out, the right state of mind for watching Top Boy – an intense drama about the drug trade in and around a British council estate. You’ll need to stay alert to keep up with a wide cast of characters and their dramatic twists and turns but having a little something to take the edge off could help usher you through the show’s more stressful moments.

Henson thinks this show is just a little bit sweeter since he and executive producer, Drake, are both from Toronto. In his words: “Only the real ones allowed, open up the full Jager OG, and hold on.”

Suggested TOQi 510 temperature level: high

Street Food: Asia

Pair with Tangerine Dream by San Rafael

Foodie documentary meets sativa with traces of citrus and 70% THC content.

Street Food: Asia introduces you to the people behind the best street food on the continent in a way that’s about the culture as much as the cuisine. Tangerine Dream is fun and adventurous, but relaxing, perfect for doing a little international travel from the couch. This strain isn’t known for heavy munchies either—so if you feel inspired to make your own themed snacks, you probably won’t eat all of your ingredients along the way or you can just enjoy the tasty tangerine terps.

Suggested TOQi 510 temperature level: low

Terrace House

Ideal for Netflix Party & video-calls

Pair with Jack Herer by Bloom

Japanese reality TV meets a woody sativa with 80.15% THC content.

Jack Herer is a gregarious strain, perfect for busting social anxiety, and getting a party started. It creates the perfect mindset for Terrace House, a Japanese reality series that follows six strangers living in the same house—kind of like Real World, but more invested in the human experience than forced drama. Pair the two together and after a few hours of binging, you’ll feel like you’ve made six new best friends.

Suggested TOQi 510 temperature level: low

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Winner of International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA), MTV Movie + TV Awards

Pair with Strawberry Fields by MadMen

Sci-fi adventure meets fruity indica hybrid and 80.60% THC content.

Strawberry Fields hits you hard, and despite being a hybrid, it has a tendency to make you become one with the sofa. Lean into that couch-lock with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It’s perfect for Strawberry Fields’ extra-stoney high.

Set 21 years after the 1995 Jumanji film, it takes childhood nostalgia and throws in some wacky high-school antics, a few helicopters, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. You might feel a little silly getting lost in Jumanji lore, but you’ll have a great time doing it.

Suggested TOQi 510 temperature level: medium


Smooth air-flow guaranteed, heavy content but without the heavy burnout.

Pair with Cruise by Canndescent

Italian crime TV show meets indica hybrid with a THC content level of 83.60%.

Cruise is a focused strain, perfect for curling up with an exciting book, or maybe just the action-packed, drama-filled series based on a book. Like many a mafia series, Gomorrah is a deep web of politics and personal drama, of alliances and betrayals. Pair these two together to get lost in the story, but still keep track of every narrative thread.

Suggested TOQi 510 temperature level: medium

One-Punch Man

Drew’s award for “trippiest” on Netflix

Pair with Blueberry by Kurvana

Critically-acclaimed anime meets blueberry and whipped cream indica hybrid containing 84.40% THC content.

Blueberry is a classic, giggly strain, and One Punch Man is the perfect companion. The anime series follows a man that can defeat any enemy in one punch. While he’s overpowered in ability, he’s not particularly savvy in any other respect—and since this world is full of heroes, he’s constantly getting upstaged by a host of other characters with even goofier gimmicks.

Don’t worry if you get too lost in that Blueberry euphoria: A lot of One Punch Man’s plot developments and characters come out of left field, but it’s still a pretty easy show to follow. At the very least, encountering new heroes like Tank-Top Tiger, named for his tiger stripes and tank top, will keep the stoner laughs coming. In Drew’s words: “It’s wild af. Every punch is one punch at high temperature. Perfect for the more intense psychoactive effects.”

Suggested TOQi 510 temperature level: high

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